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Changes in life…of all !

To add mine in continuation with Blag SAP changed my life…does it changed yours too?and Craig SAP changed my life, too. What about you?blogs: 



For most of us, there was someone who made our paths changed a lot…


It was my cousin because of whom I am in SAP world. He gave me idea and support for entering the SAP world. Without him I would be here where currently I am. Once in SAP world, It was my dream to join the parent organization SAP itself.


Then there was one of my manager in one of previous organization, who over the lunch asked me to take the new challenge of MDM and that’s how I entered MDM world. Definitely there was history behind that why he asked me for that however the point is that this decision paved the way for me to join SAP organization.


I still remember when I first touched the computer in my engineering course and soon I realized that my logical reasoning for programming is far better than theoretical understanding of engineering subject. It was clear that I chose wrong steam for my engineering degree. However someone had some different plans and finally I landed in computing world only.



One thing I learned for sure is that finally we all land up where we have to be; where we deserve to be…

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  • Whats the relevance to SAP MDM??
    Is anyone moderating/approving blog posts?
    Or just because the author is from SAP, they are free to use it as a personal story board...

    These posts belong to personal blogs on blogger, wordpress etc...