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Welcome to the New Postalsoft Blog

Welcome to the New Postalsoft Blog!

This is the initial post of our new Postalsoft Weblog. Check back to keep up to date, feel free to comment or start your own blog!

To paraphrase Mark Twain…”Reports of our demise are greatly exaggerated”

The past two years have meant change for our Postalsoft customers. The good news is we are working on a new Postalsoft Portal and Wiki to further help our customers get the information they need. With all the changes coming through the USPS we know how hard it can be to keep up on everything and we want to give our customers a place to start.

Even more good news, the same classic Firstlogic Development, Support and Sales groups are still in La Crosse, WI as well as another great counterpart in Vancouver, CAN covering our late evenings to help extend our hours from 7am to 7pm cst. The process to contact us has changed. Our customers initiate a call via the SAP Support Portal (see steps listed below) and the message created comes directly to us here in La Crosse and we respond promptly with a phone call or web response.

Below are the steps to get in touch with our support engineers in La Crosse:

To log a case go to the SAP Service Market Place

1. Go to

2. Click on SAP Support Portal.

3. Enter your S-User ID and password and click “OK”.

4. Click “OK” on digital certificate.

5. Enter your S-User ID and password again and click OK.

6. Click OK on the following screen.

7. *(This step is Optional)* Setting up your Single Sign-on allows the site to remember your login and not prompt for it so frequently. To do this, click my Profile at the top of the page. Then click “Maintain my Single Sign-on Certificate” on the left of the page and follow the instructions.

8. After the Single Sign-On, Click on Help & Support and click Report a Product Error. Under System Search, click the drop down arrow next to your installation and choose your system, and click Search and then click on the BOB link.

9. When creating a SAP message it is required to search for Notes. (Knowledge Base articles) to see if you can find an answer to your question without having to log the message for support. In the Search Terms area, type your question and click Continue.

10. If you do not see any Notes pertaining to your question click on Create Message.

11. Choose the correct Component for the product you are creating the message for. The component is the support Q that your call will go into so the correct team can assist you. To do this click on the icon next to the icon next to the Component window to see a drop down list.

12. Click the arrow by BOJ-EIM to see a more detailed list. By each component the names of the “products” you are using are listed. Choosing the correct component will get your Message logged for the correct support team.

For example:

a. BOJ-EIM-COR is used for ACE, DataRight IQ, Match/Consolidate, IACE, and FirstPrep products.
b. BOJ-EIM-COM is used for DeskTop Mailer, Business Edition, Presort, PrintForm, Label Studio
c. BOJ-EIM-DEP is used for DQXI, Data Insight, eDQ Infa, SAP Siebel, PSFT, Oracle, Rapid Library
d. BOJ-EIM-DF is used for Data Federator
e. BOJ-EIM-DI is used for Data Integrator, Text Analysis, Data Services
f. BOJ-EIM-DS is used for Data Services, Fazi/Fuzzy
g. BOJ-EIM-MD is used for Metadata Manager and Composer
h. BOJ-EIM-RMA is used for RapidMarts, BOW

13. After choosing the component, fill in any remaining required/optional items. **Required fields under Problem Details are flagged with a red asterisk.
• In the Short Text box, enter a brief description of the question or issue.
• In the Long Text box, you can go into further detail about what you are seeing or questioning.
• On this page also you can select to attach files if needed (please zip your files).
• When you are finished you can either click on Save Message or Send Message. If you click on Save Message, the message WILL NOT be sent to support, it will remain in the Draft section of your “My Inbox” for you to send later.
• If you want to send the message to technical assurance now click Send Message.
• You can see the messages you have “sent” to support by clicking My Inbox and viewing your Sent Items.

Also As I previously mentioned we are still the same support group you have always known. Below are a couple pictures of the group from La Crosse and Brandon from Vancouver.

Group 1

From left to right: Vicky, Lori, Rob, Brandon, Diana, Jim, Phil, Kristine, Shelly, Denise, Tammy B, Korey, Kris.


From left to right: Back row – Tammy F, Darrel, Virginia, Laura, Kendra, Bob, Randy, Ken. Front row – Paula, Sheri, Leann, Melissa, Linda.


Brandon from Vancouver

Contact Details: 

Sales Contacts:
Business Partners, DTM/BE:
Kayla Jacobs ; 608-793-7279

Professional Edition:
West/Central: Rick Rux, 608-793-7339
East: Jack Cronin, 724-218-1952

Product Contact:
Product Manager: Joe Carty 608-793-7347

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