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SAP Demerger

I received an email a couple of weeks ago (around Sapphire time) from someone I did not know that had a headline of SAP Demerger. My first reaction was, What news have I missed from Sapphire? I then read the email and discovered the following;


  • SAP had not announced any earth shattering news at Sapphire (well apart from the usual stuff)
  • It was a request from someone that I did not know who was looking for help in an area that I had some experience in

My reaction upon reading it was this has come from someone who appears to work for one of the big consulting companies so they should have their own resources available to call on.

After a check on SDN (they had attempted to answer questions as well as ask them) & Google search to verify that the person was real, I decided to help them out as far as the limited information contained in the email would allow.


I need your advice. I am working on a demerger solution in SAP. Can you please help me with some ideas surrounding how the solution is done for demergers.


Over the next two weeks I will attempt to provide a high level overview on how to go about Demergers in SAP and will highlight some of the points to consider.

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