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TechEd 2009 SOA264 HandsOn Session: Process High Volume Messages in SAP NetWeaver Process Integration 7.1

With NetWeaver Process Integration 7.10, new performance-oriented features have been introduced. We have put together a hands-on session for TechEd 2009 relating to three of these features. Depending on your scenarios, one or more of these features can be used to improve the performance of your interfaces.

This hands-on session will provide three exercises, each relating to a different feature:

  1. Integrated Configuration in the Advanced Adapter Engine (AAE).
    • Message processing without invoking the Integration Engine in ABAP
    • Reduces resource consumption
    • Increases performances up to a factor of 10X
  2. Message Packaging in the Integration Server during Message Processing.
    • Several messages are processed in a single service call
    • No effect on logging and monitoring
    • Increases performance up to a factor of 3X
  3. Direct Connection using webservice runtime in ABAP proxies.
    • Centralized design and configuration of point-to-point connection
    • Reduces resource consumption without going through a middleware
    • Automatic backend configuration

As you upgrade from XI 3.0/PI 7.0 to PI 7.1x, these features can be evaluated to provide additional message throughput and increase the use and life of existing hardware resources.

Session number of this hands-on session will be provided at a later date.

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  • Hi William

    I am trying to configure Direct Connection for some of our scenarios which involves integration of ECC and SRM via PI. I tried to acheive direct connection via 2 approaches

    ECC: SPS 7.0 EP 4
    SRM : SPS 7.0 EP 1
    PI : 7.1

    Approach 1: Using SOAManager:

    Expose the service in ECC by configuring an endpoint and consume in SRM by creating a logical port.

    Approach 2: Using Direct Connection object in PI 7.1

    I created this object in PI 7.1. However, i was not able to see this object in SXI_Cache. Does the direct connection feature has a limitation of the SPS version on provider/consumer?

    Vinayak Kamath

    • Hi Vinayak,
      Using Direct Connection, you should see the objects in SXI_Cache.

      Did you check "Cache Status Overview" in the Integration Directory after activation?  All the status should be green.  If not, then the objects were not propagated to the backend systems.


      • Hi Bill,

        All the status in the Integration Directory is displayed in green. But i dont see a Direct Connection Object.

        Do we need to enable any property explicitly to cache the Direct connection objects created in PI 7.1 SPS 7.

        Vinayak Kamath

        • Hi vinayak,
          There is other configuration needed.  There should be 2 objects in the cache status related to Direct Connection.  One for each business system.

          To make sure, you can open the cache status overview and delete all the lines.  Then, activate your Direct Connection.  Refresh the cache status screen and you should see the changes.