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Join me at the SAP Inside Track Palo Alto tomorrow for some candid, gloves off discussion on two very different topics.

Topic 1: Grassroots Innovation at SAP. Inside Track Session: Spark, Enabling Grass Roots Innovation Inside of SAP and I will give a sneak preview of Spark, the grassroots innovation community ramping up inside SAP. We’ll share stories about challenges that grassroots innovators face at SAP as well as some successes, and talk about some lessons we learned “the hard way”.

Topic 2: Docupedia. The documentation wiki was started as a way to increase the quality and completeness of SAP’s documentation. Now that the system is live, we’ve found a few surprises but on the whole its been warmly received. Find out what the future of documentation at SAP might hold.


Inside Track Palo Alto
Date: Friday, May 29th 2009
Building: SAP Labs Palo Alto 3410 Hillview Ave


Session: Spark Grassroots Innovation Community

Time: 2:20 PM
Room: Orion


Session: Docupedia Community Documentation

Time: 3:00 PM
Room: Orion

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    1. Former Member Post author
      Thanks for attending the talk.

      Regarding SCN search: At least one of the people I interviewed mentioned that they liked SCN’s search result filtering. I’ve also heard the connection to SAP Notes is a motivator to use SCN search.

      On the other hand, a high percentage of people reported that they prefer to start with Google, or Google constrained with the “” keyword.

      In docupedia so far, we’ve been hearing good feedback about the search because it’s simple and it usually comes up with what people are looking for. We’ll try to keep that experience in place as we grow.

      1. Former Member Post author
        Whoops, I meant to add in the middle section that people often start at Google and then use the SCN search once they get onto the SCN site.

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