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SAP recently introduced a new marketing campaign  called Clear New World. What is it? According to Chris Arkenberg in a post entitled Companies to Watch: IBM & SAP

“SAP has introduced the Clear New Worldinitiative built on their Business Objects service architecture. Again, the notion is that businesses, enterprises, and even governments can run more efficiently when there is a free-flow of data and a suite of integrated services to crunch and render the info into meaningful contexts.

It’s time to build greater visibility, transparency, and accountability into the way your organization works. Because being clear allows timely and relevant information to be available when and where it is needed. Clarity demonstrates that your company is willing and able to stay accountable to key stakeholders. Clarity helps call out inefficiencies, reveal your best customers, create credible sustainability, and give your business the flexibility needed to anticipate and respond to a complex, ever-changing, global environment.

Note the statements about accountability to stakeholders & creating credible sustainability. Clear data & clear reporting.”

Clear reporting. Cool. A good, some would say canonical, example comes in the shape of the new Public Sector Stimulus tracking tool from Business Objects, announced yesterday. The software is designed to simplify compliance to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). So far so good.

The only shame of it is SAP hasn’t yet joined the dots and labeled the tool under Clear New World. But then again its early days. Surprised the branding police didn’t jump in. Or perhaps its just simply that not everyone at SAP gets the story yet. They will do. As I commented on Chris’ blog:

“SAP is showing a real commitment to sustainability, at least internally. I agree Clear New World is about marketing, but big complex companies, and SAP is one, need Big Themes to hold employees, partners and stakeholders together when there are so many forces pulling them in different directions.”

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  1. Mark Finnern
    Hi James,
    I heard about it on the radio an application to track the stimulus package, I didn’t make the SAP connection back then, even though it is so obvious. Really glad that we are there to help out.

    I think it goes beyond the US, I hear of a lot of countries that try to spend themselves out of the crises. My guess is that there will be some rude awakenings.

    But one thing is for sure they all need more transparency and good oversight. SAP to the rescue.

    All the best, Mark.


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