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Since 2005, we’ve been working on the development of a consolidate set of business classes written in OO ABAP. Since we (our team) are consultants working in different projects, we had the opportunity to go through the process a few times and that allowed us to correct design errors that we only discovered too late. These pitfalls could be easily avoided if we had had some “guidance”.


I am going to present at Inside Track Palo Alto this upcoming Friday a session that will address the following:


  • What are Business Classes?
  • Why do we need them?
  • Why do we need programming standards?
  • Present our best practices in development standards
  • INSIDE TRACK ONLY: Discussion on Community content and collaboration


  I am confident that this session packs a great amount of valuable information and that it will directly benefit your day to day work.


Here are the details for the sessions:


Inside Track Palo Alto

Date: Friday, May 29th 2009

Time: 03:20 PM

Building: SAP Labs Palo Alto 3410 Hillview Ave

Room: North Star

  Attention: Only 20+ places available !


Abstract here:


This will be a great opportunity to get early access and to contribute to an initiative that will follow a series of BLOGs, to be posted before SAPTechEd Phoenix 2009:


Series: Best practices in development of Business Classes in Object Oriented ABAP:


  1. PART 1: What are Business Classes and why do we need them?
  2. PART 2: Naming convention and Class structure (Attributes and methods);
  3. PART 3: Instantiation;
  4. PART 4: Inheritance;
  5. PART 5: Database Access;
  6. PART 6: Exceptions (Exception Classes);
  7. PART 7: Model Classes
  8. PART 8: Others (Package Hierarchy, performance optimization);
  9. PART 9: Community content and collaboration;



   Looking forward to see you there!


Leonardo De Araujo

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  1. Srini Tanikella

    I am sure your session will be a huge benefit to everyone. To realize the benefits of the new functionality of NW ABAP, the developers need to start using OOABAP – I look forward to the session.


    1. Former Member
      Post author
      Hi Srini,

      Thanks for your comments.
      Are you going to be there? If so, lest me know. I would like to meet you before the session.
      Lets start a nice conversation around the subject.
      I am sure the Inside Track will be a very nice event.


  2. Former Member
    Best practices in development standards for OOABAP is very much needed. Will the standards be available to everyone in some kind of document?

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