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The First Hundred Thousand User Load Test

There are lots of reasons nobody has ever done a load test with a 100,000 simultaneous virtual users and computer capacity is just one of them. But with capacity on the Amazon Elastic Cloud as virtually limitless as it is, this becomes not only achievable but practical. There is, however, the slight problem of finding a company or individual with a sufficiently scalable architecture willing to be the first to actually prove it!

Do we have any takers?

Here are the details:

You will record a “happy path” through your portal (Web or SAPGUI), at most 10 or 12 steps, and upload that to the host server. You will schedule a time you want the test to begin and it will ramp from 1 to a 100,000 users over 4 minutes and stay at 100,000 for one minute.

For this test to run behind your firewall you will need to configure tha base agent (which is Linux or Windows) with VPN access.  This is the image that will be replicated however many times necessary to generate the load.  Only you will have access to this image and its administrator password. 

 Any takers? I’ll be posting the results here. 

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    • Vikram,

      The biggest question is whether you want to use HTML or SAPGUI.  In the case of the latter, we have an EC2 Windows image that has SAPGUI and our load agent installed on it.  We would give you admin rights to this image so you could configure it for access to your app server.  That image then becomes the one that is replicated for the performance tests. 

      Make sense?

  • I don’t think they would like that very much, do you?  Of course, they get this level of traffic all the time.  It’s the rest of us who have to worry!