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Database Backup to the cloud using brbackup

Important: This blogs describes a scenario that is neither officially recommened or supported by SAP and was created only for the purpose of satisfying curiosity.

These days, everyone talks about cloud computing and blogs like Cloud Computing at SAP
indicate that this will also be of major interest for SAP implementations.
In this blog, I will present a use case that only involves minimal changes on infrastructure level and is independent of the SAP release: (Oracle) database backup into the cloud using brtools.
Currently, Amazon S3 ( ) is supported by Oracle as cloud storage.

The following steps have to be done:

h5. 1. Install and configure Oracle Secure Backup

In short terms, Oracle Secure Backup (OSB) is a solution that provides centralized (media) management for RMAN backups (amongst many other features). It also acts as media management layer (MML) for backups which means that for the tools that are doing backups (like SAP’s brtools) it is totally transparent whether the backup is going to a NAS, a tape drive or to disk. The MML takes care about this.

This link gives an overview about the features 

Here you can find step-by-step configuration instructions
[ |]

h5. 2. Install the Oracle Secure Backup Cloud Module

Important: The installation requires java 1.5

This link contains a whitepaper that shows how to do this: ) seems to be very advanced.

    • data integrity: S3 uses MD5 to verify that an object is not corrupted over the network
    • SLAs





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  • Hi Michael,

    fancy topic, nice blog.

    What comes to my mind here is: how can you manage backup retention with the storage adapter for S3?

    Is it currently just a proof-of-concept or is there any backup data management interface available, like it is for other S3-Backup-Solutions like “jungle disk”?

    thanks for the blog and best regards,