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            Why do I need a client copy in the first place?


After the plain installation of the PI system, client 001 is the configured as the default client (Check SXMB_ADM). Standard SAP documentation recommends we use this client and that a client copy should be done only as an exception. The concept of Clients does not play major role in PI as it does in the ECC system. In very few cases does PI hold client specific data (for e.g lookup data maintained in ABAP stack tables).


However in all the projects I have worked PI was run on a client other than 001. The most logical reason for that is to have 001 as reference client (In case the system has to be brought back to the original state a client copy from 001 would help). Another reason is that if there is a large ABAP development footprint (ABAP Mapping, Lookup table, Lookup function module) it is better to have the development objects and data in different clients.


If you are following the SAP PI 7.1 Installation manual, you will notice that client copy step is listed before the Configuration step. I would recommend that you reverse the order because the Configuration Wizard does most of the manual tasks like (Role setup, connections) and performing a client copy after the wizard run will ensure that these tasks do not have to be performed again in the new client.



Once you have completed the base installation, run the Configuration wizard steps


When you are done with the configuration you are ready for a client copy.



Go to the transaction SCCL, Select the source client as 001, a target client (e.g 100)



The client copy does not take care sxmb_adm configuration, connection objects and exchange profile. These steps have to be performed manually.



 Logon to the old client, and run sxmb_adm. Deregister the queues and set the role of the business system to ” not yet configured”. 


Logon on to the new client register the queues and set the Business system to “Integration Server”.






Changes to Connections


ABAP Stack


In the ABAP stack execute the transaction SM59 and locate the HTTP connection – INTEGRATION_DIRECTORY_HMI and change the Logon client as shown below


Java Stack


There are a couple of places to change the logon client in the JAVA stack


  • 1) In the Java stack –

Logon to the NW administrator and go to the Destinations

Configuration Management -> Security -> Destinations

Change the client in

  • a) I18NBackendConnection
  • b) I18NBackendConnection



The JCo RFC destination

The client has to changed for the four connection objects show below.

Exchange Profile :


The Exchange profile defaults to the client 001 if a client copy is not performed. Go ahead and change the client for the following entries –






The Final Step –


Change your client in your SLD business system. I found that it is better to delete the existing BS and create a new one with the same name.



Restart the system and you are ready to operate from your new system



Reference SAP Notes-


SAP PI 7.0 -940309

SAP PI 7.1 – 1115280

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