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Queries are part and parcel of every Bi consultant’s life, in many a case we would need to quickly look up basic information on a query but would also have to go through the hassle of opening Query designer, waiting for it to instantiate and then opening the required query.

This blog addresses some of these concerns by having a program which gives the necessary information and the same can be called through a TCode   if required and this makes it very easy and avoids switching windows while you work. The program is an SAP delivered program RSRQ_QUERYDEFINITION or Tcode RSRTQ. This is a handy program which would be very useful for BI consultant in daily job.

How to make use of this program

Type Tcode SE38 and give the program name and execute (F8)


If i want see what are all characteristics in the rows and Keyfigures

Then we need to select check box Rows/columns in selection screen

If some body wants to see what are all free chars and default values

Then in the input screen we can select Filter checkbox

Most Importantly – Variables are listed under the Input variables check box.

In this case we need select Input variables check box.

                       In normal practice i have to navigate through lot screens to see all the variable related info. in query designer. But it very simple in this case where we need to check additional check box i.e   Show Properties.Here is the output which will give all the related info. of variable ..


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