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SAPPHIRE Reflections – Welcome to the INSIGHTS from SAPPHIRE Blog

For those of you who may not have logged onto the Insight from SAPPHIRE virtual platform, I’m reproducing my blog posts from there onto SDN.  This is the inagural post:



At last count, more than 5000 of you – customers, partners, employees and other influencers – have registered for INSIGHTS from SAPPHIRE to learn more about what’s happening this week at SAPPHIRE in Orlando.


As you know, the virtual platform provides highlights from SAPPHIRE focused on how organizations have updated the notion of what it means to be a best-run business. In today’s “new reality”, organizations can no longer afford to have a gap between what they say they want to do (strategy) and what they actually end up doing (execution).


Towards that end, you don’t want to miss Léo Apotheker’s Tuesday morning keynote during which he’ll provide us all with clear guidance on how we can help close the gap between strategy and execution.


Like the virtual platform itself, this blog will not attempt to cover everything that’s happening at SAPPHIRE. I will try to close the gap between those of you who could not attend and those that are attending by not just writing about the obvious highlights (i.e. keynotes and press conferences) but also by giving you a behind-the-scenes look at events you may not have noticed even if you had attended.


Feel free to add your comments about what you’d like to hear about most from SAPPHIRE. While I can’t be everywhere at the same time, I do have a couple of volunteers that have offered to help me scout other venues. And, of course, if you’re here in Orlando, feel free to add your own color commentary.


Although this event can help you experience SAPPHIRE remotely, not everything translates into the virtual environment. As it’s 90 degrees with 90 percent humidity this week in Orlando, many of us are quite uncomfortable in our business suits. I’ll be sure to spare you that detail of realism.

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