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SAPPHIRE Reflections – Fire and Brimstone

I was in the middle of a discussion with some bloggers about the collision between traditional enterprise software and social media tools. I had just remarked that Web 2.0 applications have as much to learn from SAP as SAP has to learn from them when there was a sudden explosion!

Luckily, no one had shot me for my heresy, but rather, it was a bolt of lightning. If I use the popular guide of ‘number of seconds until the thunder clap’ divided by 5, the lightning struck less than half a mile away.

While I don’t want to invoke biblical memories of a flood, the heavens have seemingly opened up here in Orlando. It’s raining harder than I’ve seen in 10 years. In fact, the national weather service has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the next 30 mins.

This is going to be a tough act for Jim and Bill to follow. I can’t wait to see how they work it into their keynote.

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