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SAP WM/PP interface

WM/PP interface needs to be activated for the direct material staging to production supply areas from the warehouse.


Example: Component 1, comp2, comp3 are placed in bin1, bin2 and bin3. the combination of the three components will produce component 4 which needs to be placed in bin4.


So  for this scenario we activate the WM/PP interface with teh following components:-

1. Production Supply area: An area on the shop floor where material is provided that can be used directly for productionIt is a group of work centers, master data in production control for the purpose of staging

2. Control Cycle: It is used to define the production storage bin and the type of staging for the production  supply area.It also determines the type of material to be staged Pick Parts, Crate parts and release order parts.

3. Production Scheduling profile: A WM request needs to eb set for automatic creation of transfer order for material staging

There are two types of maerial staging:-1

1. Automatic: In this scenario once the Production order is released a TR using mvt type 319 is created for which a transfer order is created to move the components to either a dynamic or fixed storage bin.The prerequisite is that the WM/PP interface needs to be active.Automatic TO for WMS mvt type also has to be set.

A TR can be created with or without enough stock in the warehouse.User Exit MWMPP001 is used for the automatic creation of TR’s on the release of the Production Order


2.Manual: Pre-req:WW/PP is active,Automatic material staging is Deactivated for pick parts


Goods receipt: Automatic Goods receipt can be set in the production Scheduling profile with IM mvt 101 whose corresponding WM Mvt is 103.


Handling Units can be used in Material staging for better transparency using outbound deliveries instead of TR’s

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  • wm/pp interface is active.
    the production scheduling profile is set eq “1”: (Transfer requirement and transfer order on release).
    the wm mvm 319 is set without flag “manual creation of transfer order not allowed”.

    when i release the Production Order the system generate correctly the TR.
    in the header of TR the flag “Automatic TO Creation” is set but…  noone TO is created..
    Can someone help me?

    but still i doesn’t get the WM TO creation..