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In earlier blogs we have discussed the use of UI configuration tool and Easy enhancement workbench. Here we will discuss another way to enhance the UI 2007 screen by the use of Enhancement sets.



Scenario 3: You want to show a standard field related to the opportunity but not part of the opportunity structure.

e.g. you want to show the Industry Sector of the Prospect in the opportunity screen.


Now you know the component and view details for the opportunity view.

The following are the general steps for enhancing the view BT111H_OPPT/Details  

Step 1

Use transaction SM34 and Open the view cluster BSPWDVC_CMP_EXT.

Create the enhancement set that you can later use in the BSP component workbench (Enter a name and a description)


Step 2

Use transaction SM30. Open table BSPWDV_EHSET_ASG to make the necessary assignment.



Step 3

Start transaction BSP_WD_CMPWB. Choose the component (e.g. BT111H_OPPT). Select Display.



Now Click Enhance Component and choose the enhancement set ZTEST




Select a package and choose save.  


Step 4


Select the view you want to enhance (e.g.  BT111H_OPPT/Details) under Browser Component Structure –> Component –>  Views

Right Click on the view and select Enhance in the context menu. (The object is created automatically in the customer namespace.)







Step 5

Go to Structures –> Context Node –> BTPARTNERPROSPECT –> Attributes

Right click and select Create from the menu




Step 6 

Use the Wizard to add new attribute




Step 7 

Select Attribute Type




Step 8 

Enter Attribute Name and BOL Entity




Step 9 

To select the BOL attribute use the selection help.





As you can see in the picture above for the BOL Entity BTPartner there exists a lot of BOL attributes divided under two nodes. Attribute and Relations. Expand the nodes to see the list of attributes available under each node.

Finally select the attribute that you want to add to the opportunity screen.




Step 10

View the details of the attribute and choose “complete” to add the attribute.




Step 11

Now the required attribute is available to be used by UI configuration tool. Use the steps as mentioned in scenario 1 to add the attribute in the view (e.g. BT111H_OPPT/Details) 

(Refer CRM 2007 – Enhancing views – Part I for more details on UI Config)

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  1. Former Member
    Hello, your blog is very useful.
    I have a problem with a view. The BSP is BT116IT_SRVO. The view is ServiceItem. I have made an enhancement of the component, an the view. I have added an attribute, the batch_id. This belongs to the context node BTADMINI-BTItemProductExt/BATCH_ID.
    The attribute is OK, first it doesn’t appear in the group of attributes of the context node. After I have activated the methods of the class the field batch_id appears in the attributes of the context node. But it doesn’t appear in the tab of configuration UI.
    Do you know why this happens?. How can i resolve this problem ?Any idea?.
    Enrique Estévez

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