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We are Definitely faster…

In continuation to Oliver’s blog If it were a hundred times faster...


Just a small thought that if lifts working in our building work at speed of 10 years ago, will they make difference for us for reaching office. All of us hate to wait for lift to arrive and reach our floor. Hence I am with Users on their requirements.

However as Vijay pointed in Oliver’s blog; everybody loves that work finish as soon as possible but what is the limit !



example; I remember of one of my project where the MDM repository used to take 3-4 hours to reloaded which was required as every night activity (there was a reason why we needed it and later it was solved). Because of this reason, the MDM server was unavailable for long time but in night. If we required this system in multi-geographies then we had to plan something else as current system taking too long to finish the job.


Another example, that if a organization system/process is waiting the customer master creation process in its system while customer is waiting for the product then instead of solving problem, its not solving the problem.



The work we used to do 10-20 years before in 8 hours, now we are able to do much more than that.

May be we became faster or systems made us perform faster !

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  • Whats the relevance to SAP MDM??
    Is anyone moderating/approving blog posts?
    Or just because the author is from SAP, they are free to use it as a personal story board…

    These posts belong to personal blogs on blogger, wordpress etc…