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Developed a scenario successfully using JDBC adapter of Local J2SE adapter engine. Just check how JDBC adapter works in local J2SE adapter engine.


  • Creating adapter of type JDBC in local J2SE adapter engine.

  • Creating Interface Object and Mapping Objects in XI (IR).

  • Creating Objects in Integration Directory.

1. Installing JDBC adapter in Local J2SE Adapter Engine

The required vendor specific drivers must be located in CLASSPATH.


In this example oracle is the database, unzip the driver and then place the tree folders in CLASSPATH.

<strong>2. Creating adapter of type JDBC in Local J2SE Adapter Engine.

Structure of Message type of Database (Source):







<resultset> is the name of message type sent by JDBC adapter and <row> name of recordset.

*Note: There should not be any xml namespace

Integration Directory:

create required receiver communication channel

create receiver agreement

Interface determination

Receiver determination

JDBC adapter log view (J2SE Engine):

Polling mode –  wait “60” secs interval

Process database query “SELECT emp_prasad.empno, emp_prasad.ename,emp_prasad.deptno,dept_prasad.depname,emp_prasad.hiredate,emp_prasad.location,emp_prasad.sal from emp_prasad INNER JOIN dept_prasad ON emp_prasad.deptno=dept_prasad.deptno AND emp_prasad.status=’X'”

Confirm with statement “update emp_prasad set STATUS=’P’ where STATUS=’X'”

Sending message “0c916911-406e-11de-c14b-001676a5e12a” to Integration Engine… (message size: 1814 bytes)

Message sent to Integration Engine

Message Sent By Local Adapter Engine to Integration Engine:*

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