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Social Wonders for BPXers – Increasing Product Launch Results with Social Media

I want to slightly diverge from the topic of business process expertise today and write about social media marketing. I think it is fair to say that many business process experts are involved with product launches, and would consequently care about improving their reach and marketing ROI.

Social media has made marketing much more democratic and I see more and more fellow BPXers who don’t carry a marketing title doing marketing, be it for their companies or their own visibility.


While social media marketing is “my daily bread” as they say in Germany (translate: my job), I had the idea for this blog when my friend Shelly Milam contacted me last week to ask if I wanted to receive her new social media newsletter. Shelly once worked for me as an intern at EMC and has since become a social PR guru at PageOne PR (I am stating the company name not as a promotion but for full disclosure, and to attribute the information I will provide further below; no plagiarizing). Shelly, being many years my minor, is naturally comfortable with many of the tools that I had to “learn to love (or hate)”, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, so I am always excited to learn something new from her.


Well, the newsletter turned out to be very interesting and I would like to quote the top ten tips for social media marketing for product launches in this blog (content copied from PageOne PR newsletter):


Increasing Product Launch Results with Social Media

  1. A common misconception about social media is that it can work as a stand-alone campaign.  In reality, it must be integrated with traditional PR and marketing to achieve the best results.
  2. Create a message matrix. Identify the target audience, craft key message points, prioritize communication channels for each message.
  3. Write and distribute a traditional press release. Even in this age of new media a press release is still important to convey the vision of the launch.
  4. Build a media and analyst list. Your list should include print and online pubs but also top tier and niche blogs. 
  5. Consider creating a vision video. Online influencer’s time is decreasing rapidly – a short video helps get the main messages across quickly.
  6. Produce screencast videos of the product.  Visually show your target audience how they would use your product.
  7. Promote the videos.  For every minute of the day, ten hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube – you must promote your content to raise above the fray.
  8. Corporate blog. Give a voice to your company outside of the traditional press release fluff and shed some light on the background for the announcement or the greater technical vision.
  9. Twitter management. Target, engage and monitor what people are saying about your product before, during, and after the launch.
  10. Direct email. Get in contact with the influencers that already have expressed interest about your company.

I hope you find this as useful as I did. It’s not rocket science, but a nice checklist like this helps us passionate Web 2.0 marketeers to do a more efficient job. 

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  • I learned this the hard way. I am a big fan of videos and screencams and such. But I realized last year that this is a really bad option to reach out to people with low andwidth net connections. They were so frustrated with waiting for video to load, that indirectly they hated the original message too.
    • Vijay:

      I appreciate your comment. Maybe the solution is to offer an alternative for those who can’t access the video easily to reduce frustration. Any thoughts?