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“I saw a dead head sticker on a cadillac” at #ASUG09 ?

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No, wait.  It was a DB2 sticker on a bike taxi.  My mistake.

Thursday – check out [forgot shirt]
Linked up with Jon Reed for breakfast around 7:45.
Headed to Denny’s across from the Convention Center.
About halfway there, we were met by the bicycle taxi drivers Chris and Billy.
As we were on a tight schedule, we had them convey us in style to Denny’s.
I did a couple videos.

Jon and I chatted about several topics, including sustainability.  I repeated the background perspective I have, where I’m not an official with specific knowledge or authority in my company.  My views are more from my prior professional background, where I’m what might be considered an amateur expert.

  • chemical industry
  • manifest tracking systems
  • SAP’s foothold in the chemical tracking process
  • behavioral modification

Once the food and coffee were served and consumed, we headed over to the convention center, Jon to Mark Finnern’s session and me to the 9AM mobile technology.

[Session #1907]
Louena Hamdi

  • bio
  • slide link
  • video demo link

Live demo was effective (with the normal risk of attempting online work).
During the presentation, I was tweeting, noticed Louenas had a twitter URL interface (for RSS feed).  After the person behind me asked about version control, I posted that, and a few seconds later Loeunas kicked off the app, which promptly showed what I had written.

Dow Chemical Virtualization
[Session #1908]

Quotes / tweets

  • 1/2 customers still not in production any not moving databases to virtual
  • Isolation of hardware and software levels – Mike Somers didn’t consider this benefit at first, now does.
  • Zero effort to distribute workload across servers; VMWare manages load balancing
  • Zero effort to distribute workload across servers; VMWare manages load balancing – Mike Somers at #ASUG09
  • Projects don’t ask for “servers” now, they ask for “environments”
  • Question on chargebacks – will do later
  • MS changed policy on licenses for virtual system; Oracle still requires license for entire “farm”
  • Exceptions allowed if applications are demonstrated dysfunctional.
  • Do not let memory swap.
  • Most large shops separate Prod from Non-Prod
  • “Dongle” – issues with hardware based keys in some cases

Virtualization council [1/2 hour]

[Session #?]

Sky Tech.

1/2 hour

Lunch – Denny’s again (heavy rut)

Company internet presence and brand defense discussion with Jon Reed.

Afternoon visit with the RediPediCab company crew
Catherine, Chris, Billy and Andy

Billy’s birthday [co-located with Anne Katherine Petteroe and Jon Reed]

The giant pile of chicken nachoes.

Lastly, the communal ice cream birthday surprise dish.
Would you eat from the bowl?  Why or why not?

Leon Johnson stuck in the office with network production troubleshooting issues
(left B&D in 2003)
Caught up with alumni whereabouts.

Leong dropped me at the airport – what a great pal!

Manju + spouse at airport

Southwest new coffee
Guatemala coffee farmers
minimum 12% post-consumer recycled fiber cups
previously? “expanded cell foam” cups

Louenas presentation, and demo at booth


image  Bikersimage

Me + Leon imageimage

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