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Tasting the mix of Shoes and SAP

So you may wondering…What is Shoes? Well…according to why the lucky stiff it is:


Shoes is a tiny graphics toolkit, designed for beginners. But make no mistake: this is real programming. You can make real, colorful apps in Shoes


Shoes comes in an executable file that be downloaded at Download Shoes.

To be able to do the SAP integration, you must download this file from Piers Harding homepage unzipp it and copy the SAP folder inside the Lib folder of the Shoes instalation.

With that, we’re are ready to go.


Now, some screenshots.





Hope you like it -:)

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    • Can tell as I have never used TKinter and my Python knowledge is very limited…but you must keep in mind that Shoes is under development and Shoes 3 “Policeman” is going to be released soon this month -;)