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The Generic Creator is a set of methods that allow for portal role creation based on a specially formatted XML string. The documentation can be found The idea is to build an XML string that defines your PCD object and then invoke a method to execute the XML string.

The Web Page Composer allows a portal user to build their own web page within the portal. That process is well documented, but the final step is a bit cumbersome. The user needs to select a pointer to their site and then build or maintain a portal role to link to that pointer. This requires some portal content administration skills which are beyond what an end user should need.

So, I thought I’d put together a portal component that allows a portal user to build their own role which automatically provides the link to their WPC site.

To keep it as simple as possible, I don’t allow the user to pick things like the role name or location.  All they can select is the WPC site.  This is provided in a drop down list which is generated by walking the KM structure under /wpccontent/Sites looking for navigation.wpc files.

At run time the user will see something like:


The XML string I build makes a PCD folder under the top level PCD with an id of user_ plus the user id. The name of the folder is the user id. Inside there I make a folder for the roles and in that folder I create the role iteself. The id of the role is the user id plus _wpc_role.

Inside the role we make an entry point folder with the name Web Page Composer and under that folder we make a folder with the external connector set to the WPC site.

The generated role might look like this in the portal content studio.


There is a wiki page which contains the code. It can be found at 

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    1. Former Member Post author
      The tricky bit is making a useful and correct XML string. The easiest way is to use the portal xml export tool (system admin -> transport -> XML export) to create a similar XML file and then take out the pieces you don’t need…
  1. Former Member Post author
    The following wiki page shows how to build an iView. This example allows for navigating to a KM folder and then generates the XML to create an iView based on the KM navigation template.
    link here.

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