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Many times, we as a BI consultant, come across situations wherein we need to suggest Performance Improvement roadmap for a typical SAP BI System.

Some of the common Performance Issues could be –

– Data loads taking long time

– Reporting Performnace not upto mark

– Database Space growing rapidly

I have tried to put together a typical Performance Improvement roadmap consisting of Short Term, Long term & Strategic Recommendations.

image  Here are the details of each of the Recommendations:

Short Term Recommendations – Summary


Short Term Recommendations – Details





Long Term Recommendations – Summary


Strategic Recommendations – Summary


Note: This Roadmap could be used as a Template & might need some changes based on Specific needs & after doing System Assessment.

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  1. Meena Iyer
    Great Blog .

    The usage of the BWA in the BW landscape greatly improves performance and seamlessly integrates with BW.

  2. Former Member
    Hi Swapnil – Good blog as it gives a consolidated view to SAP BW performance optimization approach.

    On Technical Content…It needed helps assessing the performance of the system, but can have a negative impact if not used judiciously.
    Do I need TC activated for all cubes & queries?
    Do I need detailed stats captured for all elements or aggregated data would suffice?
    Questions like these need to be answered before activating the TC.

    keep posting…

    1. Former Member Post author
      Thanks Amol. With regards to Use of Technical Content, I agree that it has to be used Judiciously. Based on the requirement, We can go with Selected use of TC Cubes & Queries. Some of the Important ones which could help on finding Performance bottlenecks could be
      – Process Chains Runtime Stats (based on  0TCT_MC21) both Short term (last 30 days) & Long term (last 26 weeks)
      – Runtimes of BI Application Objects as well as their Usage Stats (Queries, Workbooks, Views) based on 0TCT_MC01
      – BI Objects Stats based on 0TCT_MC11 related to requests not compressed or not aggregated

      To start with Aggregated data should suffice & based on the specific needs selected TC Cubes could be loaded with detailed level of data as well.



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