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Performance Improvement Roadmap for a Typical SAP BI System

Many times, we as a BI consultant, come across situations wherein we need to suggest Performance Improvement roadmap for a typical SAP BI System.

Some of the common Performance Issues could be –

– Data loads taking long time

– Reporting Performnace not upto mark

– Database Space growing rapidly

I have tried to put together a typical Performance Improvement roadmap consisting of Short Term, Long term & Strategic Recommendations.

image  Here are the details of each of the Recommendations:

Short Term Recommendations – Summary


Short Term Recommendations – Details





Long Term Recommendations – Summary


Strategic Recommendations – Summary


Note: This Roadmap could be used as a Template & might need some changes based on Specific needs & after doing System Assessment.

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  • Hi Swapnil – Good blog as it gives a consolidated view to SAP BW performance optimization approach.

    On Technical Content…It needed helps assessing the performance of the system, but can have a negative impact if not used judiciously.
    Do I need TC activated for all cubes & queries?
    Do I need detailed stats captured for all elements or aggregated data would suffice?
    Questions like these need to be answered before activating the TC.

    keep posting…

    • Thanks Amol. With regards to Use of Technical Content, I agree that it has to be used Judiciously. Based on the requirement, We can go with Selected use of TC Cubes & Queries. Some of the Important ones which could help on finding Performance bottlenecks could be
      – Process Chains Runtime Stats (based on  0TCT_MC21) both Short term (last 30 days) & Long term (last 26 weeks)
      – Runtimes of BI Application Objects as well as their Usage Stats (Queries, Workbooks, Views) based on 0TCT_MC01
      – BI Objects Stats based on 0TCT_MC11 related to requests not compressed or not aggregated

      To start with Aggregated data should suffice & based on the specific needs selected TC Cubes could be loaded with detailed level of data as well.