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Links to a short film, a forthcoming forum and a few case studies!

This needs investment of your time!


This posting is an attempt to indicate the existence of business cases for Sustainability at different places, covering one theme or the other.



One of the themes for Sustainability is, employing local people and using local materials.

Many companies, we get to know, are already adopting this theme in running their business.

There is a short film titled “The Business Case for Sustainable Livelihoods”

It is 6.30 minutes duration. Hope viewing it is worthwhile.



It is said in some companies addressing Sustainability opened the door for innovation.

To quote:

“When we adopted the sustainability lens at Fairmount Minerals we totally underestimated how it would ignite innovation and turn on an entire workforce. It’s opened up new markets, touched a deep chord with partners and communities, and has been central in our remarkable growth and core people, planet and prosperity objectives.”

]]Jennifer Deckard, CFO Fairmount Minerals and Chamber of Commerce, #1 Corporate Citizen 2007


The above quote is from a paper for the forthcoming (June 2-5, 2009) ‘The Second Global Forum for Business as an Agent of World Benefit’ (

“Managing as Designing in an Era of Massive Innovation” is the background paper.  


The paper deserves our attention as it appears to be the latest thinking on Sustainability.



We come to know that some large companies take up development of SMEs related to their business as part of their CSR. This in their considered view contributes to Sustainability, that is, for the good of business, society and the environment.

There are about 21 case studies in a 2004 publication, under sub-sectors of Supply Chain, Distribution and General Support. This is part of the following publication:

“Partnerships for Small Enterprises Development” prepared by Deloitte, supported by Unilever, for UNDP,UNEP and Global Compact.


Deloitte say: “The importance of encouraging sustainability among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is recognized for a number of reasons:

       – SMEs play a crucial social role as income generators for large parts of the population.

       – In least developed countries, the so-called “informal sector” of micro-enterprises is the main source of employment for the poor.

The development and formalization of SMEs is a realistic step toward poverty alleviation and is therefore a key aspect of sustainability.”



Based on the above, with much more yet to be explored, I tend to think that Sustainability as a corporate subject is very well evolving admirably to good form and content.



Sam Anbazhagan

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