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A glimpse into Future –> The Next Version of the Web Page Composer (WPC)

This blog gives you a short introduction (with relevant links) to what is Web Page Composer (WPC), why should you use it, and what are the new capabilities of the next version of WPC (that will be available as part of SAP NetWeaver 7.2). 

What is WPC and why do I need it?
WPC provides an environment for easy authoring of portal content (i.e. portal pages) with data coming from the KM repository (web and static content – such as articles, html pages, news) for intranet, extranet, and internet scenarios.

Why Should I Use it?
Since it’s so easy! Business users, without technical skills, can easily create portal pages that can later be shared and used as part of different roles.

What in the next version of WPC?
First, the new version of WPC is fully integrated into the portal and comprises the same portal look & feel and infrastructure (this means that all the portal capabilities are supported within the WPC pages out-of-the-box).

Secondly, the new version of WPC also supports consumption of business applications together with the KM web and static content. With this version you can easily mix web and business content.

And last but not least, the usability of WPC was improved and provides a WYSIWYG editor that supports Drag & Drop capabilities.

When will the next version of WPC be available?
The next version of WPC will be available with SAP NetWeaver 7.2

Can I look at a preview of the new version?
Sure, Sibylle Brehm created a great screencam that demonstrates the new version of WPC 7.2 and shows you how the WPC pages looks at runtime, how to access an edit mode of  the WPC page, how to create new areas and pages in the new WPC staging area, and in addition how to connect a certain area to a role.

Where can I find out more information on the WPC capabilities?
The best place to find articles, demos, blogs and more about the WPC capabilities can be found at the Web Content Management: Web Page Composer in SAP Enterprise Portal


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  • Good to hear that new features are coming along but currently there are some serious shortcomings with WPC – we have about 50+ OSS messages on that topic.
    The main pain points currently for us are:
    Major bug with images in WPC pages – when moving image on the page (drag and drop) it adds the server URL to the image path, which creates an absolut URL thus causing problems when transporting.
    The other big issue is an absolut URL is created when using GUID to create KMC links (external links) in WPC – using internal links works but not really practical.
    I hope that those issues get addressed before new (fancy) features are added as this is a real problem when you have 1000+ WPC pages.

    Not to mention that the editor is past its prime and needs some serious updating – only suitable for very basic editing.

    • Thanks for the detailed response.
      The fact that we invested in a new WPC release for NetWeaver 7.2 doesn’t mean that we’ll stop supporting WPC1.0 – and make sure it’s stable and mature.
      We have made use of feedback from customers in the development of the next generation WPC and based on that tried to integrate what has been identified as critical by the majority.
      To answer more specifically to your issues:
      1. Bugs with images – please open a detailed OSS message on this issue and I’ll make sure it’ll be investigated.
      2. External links in KM – most of the customers use KM links as internal links and so far we didn’t get any complaints on this implementation. Feel free to contact me directly (via email) to further explain the problem you encountered.
      3. Simple editor  – the HTML editor is indeed-basic in both WPC7.0 and WPC7.2, however WPC is an extensible framework and therefore you can any integrate 3rd party components to it (such as the tinyMCE advanced editor).

      As mentioned above, feel free to contact me if you have additional questions or issues with the current WPC1.0 version.

      Best regards,

  • Seeing how WPC is becoming much more user-friendly, the next step is to use it to create personalized home pages, like My Yahoo.  We would love to be able to allow users to pick an choose the KM content and iViews that relate to their job, but still being able to dictate other must-have content and iViews.

    Is this functionality on the roadmap?

    Andrew Castillo