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The Great Web Dynpro Java Survey

The Great Web Dynpro Java Survey

Calling all Web Dynpro Java developers!

If you write (or have written) your own custom applications in Web Dynpro Java, SAP would like to hear from you about your experiences with, and opinion of this UI develpment toolset.

We’d like to know what your experiences are so that we can improve both its ease of use and functionality.

Please note!  This survey is aimed at customers/partners who use Web Dynpro Java for the development of custom applications.  If you only ever use Web Dynpro Java to run Employee Self Service or Manager Self Service applications, then this survey is not for you.

Its time to let SAP know what you think of Web Dynpro Java

Click Here to take survey

Be nice…


Marc Chan, Jeff Gebo & Chris Whealy
SAP NetWeaver RIG

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  • I just finished the survey, and I have a question about the survey application. Is it based on WDJ? If so, what version did you use? It was qutie impressive because I’ve never seen such UI in WDJ in NW 7.00.
  • Hey Chris,

    First of all, love your book and your tutorials. You do an awesome job.

    The survey was good and to the point. I thought my comments were harsh in a few areas (hopefully justified :-)) but well meaning.

    Any chance you will be sharing the results of the survey with the folks at SDN? I would love to what the other sites have to say.


    • Hi Santosh
      At the start of the survey we did say that the information would only be used internally for “product improvement purposes”.
      I’ll discuss how much of the information can (or should) be made public with the management.
      Chris W
  • There’re a lot of questions which are not for developers, but rather for managers or something. However, those questions doesn’t provide ‘Don’t know’ option or something, and doesn’t allow to be skipped either.
  • To fill in the survey IE7 did not work, radiobuttons on second page did not work, even when including the site to trusted sites.

    Worked only with Firefox 3 for me…

  • How should one upgrade to NetWeaver CE? NetWeaver CE is a separate system. It is not possible replace a 7.0 system by a 7.1 system.

    You can install CE as supplementary system only but you still need 7.0 for portal + BPs and thats why so many customers don’t use CE.

  • Hi all,

    The feedback collection period of the Web Dynpro Java survey has come to the end. We now announce that the survey is closed. Thanks again for all your support to the survey and your valuable feedback on Web Dynpro for Java.

    Best Regards,
    Marc Chan, Chris Whealy, Jeff Gebo, Ken Unnai
    SAP NetWeaver RIG