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COIL Launch at Bangalore !!!

I had this great opportunity of working with the SAP folks as part of the Co Innovation Lab initiative . Not sure how many of you have really heard about COIL.. for me as a customer it was a great insight and exciting…

It was about collaborating with SAP and a speciailzed parter to address a critical business challenge with an innovative solution… It involved the customer putting forward the business problem, SAP Co Innovation Lab leveraging expertise of the SAP product development and specialized partner and further everyone collaborating to design and develop the a conceptual IT solution to address the business problem

The COIL was unique in terms of having a structured project plan but also having the space for unstructured discussions to deliver an innovative solution

In the scenario that I was part of , we had a challenge of mobilizing a business workflow end to end … we had a workflow initiated on a mobile but the approvals happening from a desktop meant that the mobilization of the initial leg was not getting fully leveraged to reduce the cycle time…

The approvals on the mobile was not to be confined to a windows mobile device and there was a need to give the flexibility to do approvals on any mobile device (windows based or the popular nokia business phones)

It was interesting to see a collaboration space where the customer came up with a business challenge, key perspectives and support came in from the SAP product management team and further the implementation was carried out by the specific partner (Mobile One) in this case….. The end result was a working proof of concept!!!

What I had found interesting was the complete focus on solving the business problem and further doing extensive deliberation to decide the right solution for the same…

One was not constrained by the product and there was a clear focus from the concept stage to the delivery of the proof of concept on the business problem and the right solution …

It is a very agile model to evaluate a blend of technologies in a shorter period of time..

Guess more partners and cutomers would be excited about the same..


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