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Applying SP3 to Solution Manager 7.01

We all know that maintenance is the key to avoiding bugs and performance issues. Let me help you get motivated and patch your Solution Manager system quickly and painlessly.


My Current Solution Manager version

Below is a SPAM screen-shot showing the patch levels from my Solution Manager system before patching.


Figure 1 – PRE SP3 ABAP Support Level


Build, calculate and apply the SPAM queue

Download the SP3 stack using the maintenance optimizer and then upload the queue using transaction SPAM. During the patching process, we identified the following additional CRT’s were required:-

  • SAPKITL429 (ST)
  • SAPKITL430 (ST)
  • SAPKU50014 (BBPCRM)

You can find the password for the ST pieces in note 939897 

Define the queue for import by selecting display/define -> all components -> and then calculate the queue.


During the import process, SPAM will stop at the XPRA_EXECUTION phase and the queue will need to be restarted.  


Once you clean up any SPAU entries and confirm the queue, your support pack levels should like something like mine.


Figure 2 – POST SP3 ABAP Support Level


Apply the JAVA queue

Now you need to perform the JAVA patching using the JSPM.


Copy and unpack the relevant files, choose the target support package, check the queue then start the import.


The JSPM patch will force a restart during the deployment.


Once you apply the queue, your support pack levels should like something like mine.


Figure 3 – POST SP3 JAVA Support Level




SP3 has a large collection of bug fixes and performance improvements which will ensure Solution Manager keeps your support staff on top of the growing NetWeaver landscape at your place. 

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    1. Former Member Post author

      I found the SAPKITL430 CRT attached to OSS note 1334538.

      You may also consider applying the BI-CONT SP2 and SP3 if your are using the CPH.

      Cheers, Tony.

      1. Former Member
        Hi Tony,
        Thanks for the tip. I’ll check with SAP why the ‘Download to PC’ and ‘Add to download basket’ are greyed out with my S-user 🙁

        Regarding BI-CONT are you talking of the Central Performance History ?

        1. Former Member Post author
          Central Performance History (CPH) is one of the best features in Solution Manager. You can unleash the power of BI over the top of performance metrics.

          You will need the BI-CONT patches for the latest reporting cubes.

          Cheers, Tony.

          1. Former Member

            SAP Support tells me KITL430 is not available until end of June.
            Do you have SAP MaxAttention service, and is that the reason why you were able to download it inside the note you mentioned?



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