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I just started blogging today after a while thinking how to organize and externalize knowledge about SAP BusinessObjects BI suite to enable more people know how to better use SAP BusinessObjects solution driven to their needs and fitting the right space on their jobs.

Since that BusinessObjects platform has integrate the SAP Business Intelligence platform so many people asked me about what tool should be recommend for a given user. I decided to start first on this topic and go forward with it providing a initial understanding about SAP BusinessObjects front end portfolio.

For a better reading the figure below shows a simple distribuition of each solution having 3 types of business user:

 Right Tool

Executive & Managers: People that really don’t have much time to expend reading detailed reports or performing ad-hoc queries or deeper analysis. Dashboard, scorecards and alerting are common. For these audience often minus is more.

Casual Users: People that need to consume information ready to be used from data marts or data warehouse through standard and formatted reports in some cases available in the enterprise portal. Usually have powerful report authoring demands.

Analysts: People that need such functionality to discover deviances, trends or any sort of changed behavior on the corporate information through an interactive viewing capability. Standard reports and dashboards or even pre-built queries often will not fit their needs for deeper analysis.

Low Touch Information Consumer: People that usually has no time and consolidate information (eg. KPI) will tell much.

High Touch Information Expert: People that will use detailed information on day-by-day operation to support further Executive & Manager’s decision making.With this concept in mind we can move forward in the next blogs to provide you useful information that will enable you understand SAP BusinessObjects BI suite and how you can explore the best capabilities of each product.

I would really appreciate suggestions for further blogs and would like to hear what is of most interest to people. I will then try to provide the information in the form of a short blog entry. Stay tuned for more on SAP BusinessObjects BI suite.

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  1. Aby Jacob
    I am new to BO, and would greatly appreciate if you can provide weblinks to Business Objects e-learning or PDF files on SDN/SAP websites

    Thanks a Lot,
    Aby Jacob

      1. Aby Jacob
        Dear Jason,
        Appreciate your immediate reply.
        Sure will check out the links you have recommended.
        Thanks again,
        Aby Jacob
  2. Former Member
    We are interested in establishing a Reporting Pattern playbook.  Our goals are to:
    –  Identify a streamlined method to link reporting requrements to the Strategic Business Objects tools that we offer.
    –  Provide Architects a guide they can leverage linking such reporting requirements to the right tool. 
    –  Establish consistency on the tools that are being implemented aligned to the reporting requirements.

    We have numerous architects deployed for different business areas within our Company.  It is our goal for this “playbook” to be a guide to aide them in identifying the proper tool to utilize for the specific reporting requirements/technology capabilities being communicated. 

    Do you know of any other partners whom have had success in this area and would be willing to talk to us on how such a guide was implemented?

    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Theresa,

      Firt of all, thanks for this good post.

      We have successfuly worked with some companies doing exactly this kind of mentoring to drive architecture solution to use the best of each component of SAP BI toolbox.

      We know that “one size shoe does not fit all”,  specific tools/products are clearly better suited to specific customer requirements.

      Is there any SAP account executive assisting you? I guess that the best way to address this demand is call your local SAP Consulting to stablish a formal and correct solution positining to allow you generate this pattern playbook with some help.

      Let me know if I can help you.

      Miguel Figueiredo


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