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Clean Palate Towards Sustainability


So let’s build this company together here on the SAP Community Network.  We’ve got our product — the Widget — and there’s a demand for it.   Now we need to build lots of them.  We’ll need management, facilities, machinery, vehicles, a distribution network, a sales team, laborers, etc.  We’ll also need a process architect and developer from the folks at SAP to help run it all, of course.  Oh, and let’s not forget our need for some capital.

Most importantly, though, we want to be sustainable…the MOST sustainable company in the world.  So in addition to assembling the components above, we need to assemble lots of sustainability components as well.

So how do we proceed?  What questions are we going to ask?  What roles need to be filled?  What risks and opportunities exist, what issues, what options?  How do we get this company out of the starting block and thrust it to the top of the “world’s greatest company” list?

I know that there are many of you out there (about 1.5 million to be exact) that have the expertise in every one of these areas.  We need you to provide your valuable insight for this project.  Employ your most creative energies to get outside the box and help to create something new, innovative, inspirational, fun and wildly successful.  

Hopefully, in a short period of time, we’ll have developed the plans for a “perfect company.”   After all, with a clean palate, it should be easy, right?

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  • Neal — now you got my attention. Love the mild scepticism of cliche token list  – LEED, water bottles, reecycled paper etc , a list now well worn.  Just tonight I spoke w former General Counsel of a major Utility. He said something like: I don’t consider all that low hanging stuff that gives you the short term cost relief sustainability. You should do that anyway. Sustainability is more than that.’ Yeah right.  I like Auden Schendler                          ( )on this  – Getting Green Done is hard.  Lead on Neal – show us how to get to sustainability w a clear palate.