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This post is a part of the series of blog posts to discuss the impact of Social Web (aka web2.0/social media) on CRM applications. You can catch the first post in the series CRM & Social Web: Evolving  Customer Management to Customer Engagement in case you missed it.

It has already been well strategized that web 2.0 is precipitating a change, evolutionary rather than fundamental in nature, in the customer-enterprise interaction models. The changes are primarily via greater insights into the customers’ preferences and needs as well as significantly higher collaboration and communication resulting in enriched customer experiences.

Let’s look at one of the web2.0 applications- social networking sites. These are currently on hyper growth (“>200 million accounts created. 55% of online teens use SNS. Of those who use social networking, 48% logon at least once a day. 90% of teenagers tend to navigate to other areas of internet from social networking sites” [1]) and have the potential to significantly change the marketing world. Marketing professionals are already looking to leverage the viral marketing and word-of-mouth effect of this social channel to increase revenue and improve brand awareness and customer advocacy.

We would like to showcase how this power of social networks harnessed via a Facebook Application that, backed by SAP CRM Loyalty Management enables an airline company to reach out to the social network of its customers, spread via word-of-mouth marketing and enrich the customer experience. Click on the image below to visit the demo video page:

CRM and Facebook demo


*Note: This demo is a proof-of-concept custom application! (The functionality is not a part of the standard SAP CRM 7.0 shipment). It was created in a rapid development paradigm by CRM development team colleagues from SAP Labs India and Palo Alto.

I hope that you can see the power of this linkage of Social Networks and CRM each being able to leverage the other to enhance the customer experience. Some of the potential benefits of such an application are

  • Users can check their loyalty points for all their favorite airlines & retailers from a central location- especially important as social networks are tending towards becoming the ‘homepage’ of the internet.
  • As a social destination, users can share their upcoming itineraries with their friends/friend-groups if they choose to so [of course, respecting privacy as per the users’ needs] so that the friends know when they are in town or even going to be landing in the same town together.
  • From a marketer’s viewpoint – this provides a very powerful in-bound channel through which they can engage with their customer base. Users would also be more receptive to offers/promotions and to engage with the companies through a channel that they prefer.

Of course, such applications are not limited to only transportation but can also be in the retail, education, green energy, etc. spaces.

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  1. Former Member
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  2. Former Member
    I’m glad to see we are riding the wave of social networking at SAP!  This is a great concept demo, and as companies begin to understand the power of Facebook and Twitter as interactive marketing tools, rather than static pages users can “Become Fans Of,” I expect this to gain momentum in our customer base.
    1. Former Member Post author
      Hi Andrea,

      Thanks for your feedback. We are exploring how SAP and SAP CRM can make use of the new internet trends such as social networking, social media etc. as it is gaining more relevance as a medium of communication with the internet user. As a part of this effort we are soliciting feedback from our customers about their thoughts/experiences/needs in this regard. Please feel free to reach out to me (via this forum or email) if you can help with that.

  3. Former Member
    Is so nice to see how sap crm is engaged to work with web 2.0. The Internet Relationship Management is there, and must be used to reach customers, viral marketing and so on. Congratulation for the blog, very interesting.

    If you need a tester, for new technologies in this way, or some sort of help, I´m avalable.



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