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In the off-chance that you have not noticed, each blog has a question attached to stimulate member dialogue and community involvement.  However, you have to look carefully for the question because it is somewhat hidden in a space of its own, like an appendix.

Below are the three questions from my three-part blog: “Contacts, Collaboration, Curriculum….” Please don’t hesitate to comment and contribute now.

Part One: How have you made use of and benefited from the contacts you have made through the various University Alliances initiatives?

Part Two: What successful examples of UA collaboration can you share with the community to help motivate further initiatives?

Part Three: Do you have curriculum items including lecture handouts, hands-on exercises, quizzes, case studies, articles and readings packets, book reviews and recommendations, etc. to share with the community (authorship recognition will be given in the UA Library), including items in languages other than English?

So you already know from the question above that Part Three of this blog is about inviting additions to the teaching and literature resources of the UA community. In the true spirit of academic contribution, the software SAP donates to you and your institutions when you are UAP members and the additional resources available to everyone through this UAC portal are at your disposal for your creative use, interests, and outlets. Spreading your ideas over a wide audience as great as this community broadens your influence and heightens awareness of your work.

The audience that this portal is capable of reaching includes many thousands of professors and lecturers, hundreds of thousands of students, and over 1.5 million SAP customers and partners worldwide. They make up an extremely diverse and talented group of colleagues and contacts whose opinions matter and who are sharing – giving and taking – readily. Academic communities and publications dedicated to research and teaching have had such a diverse international audience long before globalization became a buzzword and “The World is Flat” purported to tell us what we were experiencing. The Web 2.0 technology in our UAC portal makes leverages access to such a large and important audience easier than ever before.

Please share your academic contributions and recommendations, in any language, through our UA Library for the benefit of contacts, collaboration, and curriculum of our University Allicances community.

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