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SAP MDSD integration with SAP CRM Survey Suite

SAP MDSD (Mobile Direct Store Delivery) is an offline solution by SAP based on Direct Store Delivery in SAP ERP.  SAP MDSD supports van sales, pre-sales and delivery scenarios. Using SAP MDSD delivery drivers can deal with most of the business processes starting form checking out of the warehouse with goods to delivery / sales to customers to checking in to the warehouse at the end of the day with payments / collections.

One of the key requirements for a POC was the ability to take surveys in the MDSD application when the delivery drivers visit customers.  SAP CRM has a readymade Survey Suite which can be used to capture statistical information concerning sales, marketing, product positioning, etc. Many a times Surveys are the main medium of obtaining information from the market and the customers. So this was a critical requirement.

We integrated SAP CRM Survey with SAP MDSD using SAP NetWeaver. The integration is such that any existing SAP MDSD customer can deploy this survey integration component out-of-the-box in their existing landscape.


  1. Create an Activity for a Business Partner in SAP CRM and associate a Survey with this Activity.
  2. Create a tour for the same Business Partner in SAP ERP DSD.
  3. Synchronize the SAP MDSD client from the mobile device to receive this tour and the Activity / Survey data on the device.
  4. Proceed with the DSD tour on the mobile device and complete the normal activities.
  5. Take the Survey at the customer location.
  6. Synchronize the mobile device.
  7. See the Survey data in the SAP CRM Activity in the SAP CRM backend.

Business Benefits:

  1. During every tour the delivery driver can collect information about the each of the customers with the help of a survey from his MDSD application.
  2. The delivery driver can fill in check lists about his visits in his MDSD application.
  3. The survey data from MDSD can be fed to any analytics tool like SAP BW to streamline the business processes, sales and delivery and customer interaction.
  4. This can play a major role in keeping the customer satisfaction high.

Technical details:

  1. Client application: SAP MDSD 2.1 and 3.0
  2. Backend: SAP ERP compatible with SAP MDSD versions and SAP CRM 4.0 and above
  3. Middleware: SAP NetWeaver 7.0
  4. Estimated implementation time in an existing SAP MDSD and SAP CRM landscape: 1 week.

Please find a demo of this application at:

Try the demo link in IE if it does not work with Firefox due to a missing plugin.

If you cannot see the video on SDN then try:

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