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SAP CRM 7.0 Account Identification: Multiple Business Partner Confirmation

The advantage of multiple business partner confirmation is that it provides related transactions with the appropriate details without requiring the agent to use notes or other less obvious methods to understand the actual parties involved within the interaction. In CRM 2007, during account identification an agent was able to confirm a single business partner. Functionality was provided in cases of B2B, B2C and the Mix scenario – where an individual has an account relationship and is also a private customer. The Mix scenario allows the agent to indicate if the interaction is related to an account or the individual.


However, in order to address business scenarios where an individual is calling on behalf of a contact person or other account relationship, the ability to confirm multiple business partners has been developed. This functionality allows the appropriate partner functions to be tracked throughout the interaction and its related transactions. This functionality not only addresses scenarios where an individual is calling on behalf of another, but also accommodates family plans or household account management, where there might be several members on a plan with various roles and products. .


Consider the following scenarios:


  • A family member calls the Employee Interaction Center regarding a long term disability issue for the employee/ primary account holder.
  • An employee is calling the Accounting Interaction Center on behalf of a customer who has received a late notice for a bill they claim they did not receive. The employee requests a copy be faxed to his customer.
  • A mother is calling about their family account to report her child’s lost mobile phone, and also needs clarity on the monthly statement, although the bills are sent to the father.

In the above scenarios, the contact is calling on behalf of another partner function related to a business account or household account.  Follow-on transactions maintain this detail providing a clear view of the interaction. With a simple click to reference the parties involved, an agent has the necessary information to understand the partner functions related to the transaction. 

The standard, account identification view and related configuration for single business partner confirmation is still available as it provides efficient account identification where on behalf interactions are not relevant, or in cases where tracking is not necessary. However, specifically for shared service center scenarios it is recommended that the Multiple BP Confirm functionality is used. A new configuration entry has been added in IMG to enable Multiple BP Confirm functionality. After creating an account identification profile for Multiple Business Partner Confirmation, it must be associated to the relevant business role – similar to the standard Account Identification Profile configuration process.


 For a demonstration of the Multiple BP Confirm functionality check out this video: CRM 7.0 Account Identification Enhancements

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  • This blog gives just a sneak peek at the multi-partner fucntionality. I am trying to implement this functionality at one of my clients and have run into lot of issues.
    This demo shows that we can confirm multiple contacts, but you can have your ship-to’s in the related partner and should be able to confirm them too so that the confirmed partners could  be used throughout the interaciton and for all the transactions carried out in the particular transacitons.