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In my previous blog I have discussed about how to add a field to the view. The field being available in the structure its easier to add the field using UI Configuration. 

Now in this part we will discuss how we can create a custom field for the customer and make the same visible in Web UI.

Here in this example, I have added a field directly to the ADMIN_H header segment. Since I have to use the ADMIN_H for a customer I have taken the example.

Technically most customers will add their fields via the CUSTOMER_H segment especially those upgrading from an older release.


Scenario 2: The field is a custom field created for the customer.  

Here I have taken the example of creating the field Resource Estimate Using EEWB.


Part 1: Creating Custom field using EEWB


Step 1

Enter the T-code EEWB(SPRO Path : SAP Implementation Guide –> Customer Relationship Management –> CRM Cross-Application Components –> Easy Enhancement Workbench)



Step 2

Create project 



Step 3

Once the project is created select the button as shown below and create an extension 



Step 4

Enter name and description for the extension and select the Bus Object (e.g. Opportunity) and Extension type (Opportunity Header)  


Now the Wizard will guide you through the next steps 



Step 5

Enter Extension Title



Step 6

Select the Transaction type  



Step 7

Enter Field Label, Data type and Field Length 



Step 8 

Assign the field to the opportunity header  



Step 9 

Specify the relevance of the field in Mobile/BI/Search



Step 10

See the overview and Select Complete.



Step 11

Enter the transaction code CRMD_ORDER and Select Create “Opportunity”   You can see that a new tab Customer Fields appears in the opportunity screen.



Navigate to the tab “customer Fields”   The field “Expected Duration” Can be seen. 



Part 2 : Display the field in the WEB UI


Step 1

Start transaction BSP_WD_CMPWB.  

Follow the steps mentioned in the Scenario 1 to view the available fields (refer Step 1 to step 9 of CRM 2007 – Enhancing views – Part I



Your custom field will be available in the Context Node BTADMINH.


Step 2

Expand the node BTADMINH to view the list of available fields.


Now as we can see the custom field added using EEWB is available for use by the UI Configuration tool. Select the field “Expected Duration” and add it to the opportunity view.

Refer steps mentioned in the blog CRM 2007 – Enhancing views – Part I.

In the next part we will discuss the scenario where you want to show a standard field related to the opportunity in the opportunity view. These fields are attributes of the partners related to the opportunity and hence not part of the standard opportunity structure. e.g. Industry system of Prospect, ID Number/type of Prospect/Employee responsible etc.

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  1. hi expert,
       could i use the EEWB of BUPA in search view?
       if i can , how to get it.
  2. Former Member
        I have got a requirement to add a drop down field to the Componenet BP_ADDR, but refering to some people i got to know that we cannot use EEWB in this case ,so we have to add it through structure only .So, i added my new field to the CRMST_BUIL_ADDRESS and added the needed getter ,setter methods to the new field.

    For the get_p method i have added the code
    “method GET_P_ZZCOM_OPPNEW.
       CASE iv_property.
        WHEN if_bsp_wd_model_setter_getter~fp_fieldtype.
          rv_value = cl_bsp_dlc_view_descriptor=>field_type_picklist.

    For the get_v method i have added the code
    “method GET_V_ZZCOM_OPPNEW.
      DATA:lt_ddlb TYPE bsp_wd_dropdown_table.
    CALL METHOD cl_crm_uiu_bp_cust_get=>get_values_for_field
            iv_fieldname   = ‘COMM_TYPE’
            rt_value       = lt_ddlb
            error_occurred = 1
            OTHERS         = 2.
          gr_ddlb_com_oppnew->set_selection_table( it_selection_table = lt_ddlb ).
      rv_valuehelp_descriptor = gr_ddlb_com_oppnew.

    But i am getting the exception as
    “”Cannot display view BP_ADDR/StandardAddress of UI Component BP_ADDR
    An exception has occurred Exception Class  CX_CHTMLB_EXCEPTION – The picklist field //STANDARDADDRESS/STRUCT.ZZCOM_OPPNEW has no valuehelp descriptor. 

    Any pointers will be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

  3. Former Member
    In this blog new fields are added to customer field tab. If already customer tab is present and we want to add the new fields to another new tab . Is it possible using EEWB if not is there any other way? kindly help.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Umesh J D


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