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Humour@SAP XXXII: If SAP built the electric car…

The former SAP board member Shai Agassi left the company some time ago to found his startup “Better Place” in order to develop revolutionary concepts for electric cars. Some SAP-colleagues said jokingly, that SAP does indeed have the know-how to build electric cars.

If SAP built an eletric car, it would be like this:

  • You need to buy a minimum of 5 cars in licence
  • You need at least 1/2 year to adapt your street, garage and parking space to use your SAP ECar
  • But you can run it on bicycle tires, train tracks and hula hoop-rings
  • The door handles are on the underside of the car
  • The steering wheel makes 20 clicking sounds when you turn it, because all 4 tires – including the spare tire – send back multiple messages
  • You can see your whole driving record, but not the current street that you drive, because of missing authorizations
  • The repair contract was just incrased from 17% to 22% fee, though simple repairs take 2 weeks; but they are available 24/7
  • The driver’s seat has 250 switches and controls, but because of a bug that will be fixed with SP7 (release date still unknown), the back of the seat is stuck in complete forward position
  • The gauge is configurable in km/h, miles/h, steps per seconds, wing bats per millisecond and WARP
  • The exchange of the battery can only be done with external consultants, but they are already fully booked for the next 12 months. As workaround you receive a 10 miles long power cord
  • The engine is scaled for a Jumbo and has only two settings: Off and Full Throttle
  • The brakes react only after 7 seconds because of authorization checks
  • But you can scale passengers indefinitely by clustering multiple cars
  • The speed is displayed as ABAP-report
  • The manual comes as a Powerpoint slide deck

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      Former Member
      As & when the car breaks down on a highway or if there is flat tire, all you need to do is to come out of the car, then get in and then start car, it will start going immediately. (Like log-out/log-in principle to solve any SAP UI problem)
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      Former Member
      a) You may not be able to use the new features as "Documentation is not available in EN".

      b) Car dumps on you. See ST22 for more details.

      c) Self cleaning car. Click on "Pretty Cleaner".

      Subramanian V.

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      Former Member
      SAP only has to offer one trim, because if you want any additional features, you will just create custom functionality for your ECar, as long as you buy a developer's key and attend several week-long certification courses.


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      Former Member
      There is a proprietry electric motor, which makes the car run, an open source electric motor, which makes a prettier dashboard and a strange combination, but noone knows exactly why.

      To be allowed to use the SAP Ecar it is mandatory to have another ECar to act as a support vehicle. This additional ECar cannot be used to go anywhere or carry anyone.

      The ECar has two forms of entry. Once again there is a proprietry key, which needs to be changed whenever the ECar is upgraded, and a generic key.

      The good news is there are 6 ways of getting out of the car, most of which involve closing the windows.

      Author's profile photo Graham Robinson
      Graham Robinson
      The coffee cup holders have recently been removed from the list of available options.
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      Former Member
      so that any edge applications like wiping the floor, washing the car, walking the dog etc can be done with the same car. There are applications in ecohub website that can be bought to walk the dog in 5 different speeds.
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      Former Member
      1) If you wanna use the eCar, you gotta have a 'Solution Car'. You can open the eCar doors only when you have the Solution car key.

      2) To maintain the main car, you gotta have two more cars. You gotta 'test' new changes on the spare cars before you can touch your main car.

      3) If you wanna learn to drive, there's an eCar IDES too..

      Author's profile photo Somnath Manna
      Somnath Manna
      The platform runs on a barebone chasis called NSP (propietary of course) with different usage types possible - sport 2 seater, family saloon, 5-9 seater van, mini truck, ... for actual configuration of course you can go with the company or any independent service providers.
      Its completely electronic controlled with single language support for which plenty of mechanics available locally from one-man shop to major biggies boasting thousands of experts.
      Future innovations will be available through half-yearly EhPs but bug fixes supplied every couple of months. 
      The dashboard used to be a single blue design but now different options are available.
      Oh btw its supposed to run only for 5 years, but if you pay bit more on warranty then 2 more years and if still more then one more year - but that's it.
      Author's profile photo Ashutosh Moharir
      Ashutosh Moharir
      As per the specification, the person who will drive this car should be atleast 6 feet tall with 100 KG minimum weight. The car may respond wierdly with weaker drivers.
      Author's profile photo Ankur R Goel
      Ankur R Goel
      The car can be configured and assembled only by external repair shops who even never seen this Ecar before...
      Author's profile photo Frank Koehntopp
      Frank Koehntopp
      This will be a hell of a popular blog 😉

      Well done, Mario

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      Former Member
      You can buy some additional parts for your car, to make it really cool, and even more amazing. The parts used to be considered 'after market', but SAP liked them so much, they now sell them directly. (In fact, they'll pretty much give them to you, jut to make sure ots of people use them.) The only problem is that the parts (which actually fit on almost any car) cannot be installed by your SAP eCar dealer, as they're not familiar with the methods for hooking them up. You'll need to either take the extra parts to a specialist for installation, or your SAP eCar dealer can bring one in, and charge you a premium to have them put on for you. Just don't ask your SAP eCar dealer to help you if you have a problem...