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Globalization ~ Different Perceptions

Globalization ~ Different Perceptions


In previous blog Globalization ~ Balancing the World ,  I strived to present the basic of globalization and why it’s needed. Now will try to present that what is globalization for others and how they differently perceive it. Moreover that to what extend the globalization can reach.

Globalization is different for everyone.


Europe — This is the most amazing and indeed my loved one. European countries were first to define the globalization. They moved to other countries, regions. It’s hard to confirm if it was Germany from where Aryans travelled to Asia or it was Roman Empire or someone else… it was great to know that in search of America, they found India.

European countries only started fighting and fought unlimited years against each other in every part of the world. And now they formed an alliance and living like a family and sharing almost everything. Globalization for them is 2 layers. They made European Union as their inner global world. First they use the resources from their inner global world and after that failure, their requirements travel further.

Asia — They have each country as globe but not their own.

USA — They have rugby world cup where teams from US only take part. America is global world. For all others, its world to live and everyone should work with everyone else.

However USA is so successful because of brain drain from every part of world and the right atmosphere for it to prosper. This is another dimension of Globalization.


Australia — They also started globalization in same way as US after british rule ended. Moreover they are also successful like US.


UN — This is the most interesting part. They are now there to maintain the globalization properly.

WTO – With WTO, Global trade hit the brain.

War Movies are my favorite anything from Troy, Pearl Harbour, King Arthur and Behind Enemy lines. All war movies depict nothing but cruel way of globalization. The command *Broken Arrow* symbolizes that no matter what it takes even own soldiers; there is no other option to be in the race. What is interesting in these is that some of the best brains of the world are working against each other for the sake of some foolish minds.



  • In Next Blog the Globalization of war will be taken further to Global business war. The end is of anyone guess.
  • I bet that I can write a book on this subject. However the blogs/parts are being released in small to keep them interesting, enjoyable and momentum going.


Above shared views are my personal views and might not synchronize with my company views.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      I don’t know why I always feel that UN and USA are the same most of polices are in favour of USA .
      And about globalization developed in favor the developed country so that what there product can be sold ,they can get recourses .

      Avtar Singh Saini

      Author's profile photo Ankur R Goel
      Ankur R Goel
      Blog Post Author
      You are not alone 🙂

      However I believe that nobody shud crib as rule of jungle says *It's always the powerful who gets lion's share....*

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Whats the relevance to SAP MDM??
      Is anyone moderating/approving blog posts?
      Or just because the author is from SAP, they are free to use it as a personal story board...

      These posts belong to personal blogs on blogger, wordpress etc...