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BSP With Workflow: Part – II

*Introduction:* This weblog explains how to launch the BSP Application from SAP Business Workplace via the workitem and Execute (Decision making) the Workitem from Web using BSP Application. Also it covers how to pass the parameters from SAP Inbox to BSP & vice versa.   If you haven’t gone thru’ the {code:html}BSP With Workflow: Part -I{code}, please have a look. We will be re-using some of the components from {code:html}BSP With Workflow: Part -I{code}.   I will be covering below steps in this blog:   * Testing of Service Handler. * Creating the Webflow Service for BSP & Generating the Web Task. * Linking the Web task into the workflow. * Developing the BSP to interact with webtask to carry out the decision making. * Testing   Let’s look at the Step#1 & 2. In this step, we will be setting up the Webflow Service handler which is required to start & end the services.   0.1. Go to Transaction code WF_HANDCUST 0.2. The ‘Launch Handler’ tab shows the URL of Launch Handler. Maintain the value. Below is the example. 0.3. Just by clicking on ‘*Generate’* button, it will populate the values automatically.0.1. Click on *’Generate URL’* button, it will populate the URL as shown below. 0.1. Perform a test by clicking on *’Test URL’* button. It will open up a browser and make sure you don’t receive any error. If you receive an error like ‘forbidden’, then activate the service WSHANDLER in Tcode SICF.0.1. Repeat the same step for ‘Callback Handler’ tab. We need to do these settings to receive the response back from BSP to workflow. 0.1. Configure the ‘Callback Dialog’ by clicking the ‘Generate’ & ‘Generate URLs’ buttons. 0.2. Make sure the services are working by clicking the ‘Test URL’ button at end of each URL. Activate the the service WSCB in Tcode SICF if you get a ‘forbidden’ error . 0.3. Configure the System Status & Client systems for handler as shown below. 0.4. The steps we did so far is one time settings. Don’t have to repeat for each BSP Application/Workflow.   So far we have completed the Step#1 & 2. Let’s look at the Step#3 – Customizing of Webflow Service. This is the place where we are going to link the BSP Application which needs to be called from the SAP Inbox.   At end of this step, the workflow Task (basically web task) will be generated, that is linked with our BSP application. This task will be plugged into our workflow as an approval step. Hope it’s clear so far. Let’s look at the steps:   0.1. Go to Tcode WF_EXTSRV and maintain the values. Below is the example. 0.2. Save & Double click on “Parameters” folder and mention the parameters which need to be passed back & forth between BSP & workitem. 0.3. Save & go to the previous screen and click on *”Generate Task”* button. In pop-up screen, follow the step. 0.1. Click on *”Continue”* button & Enter the Work Item text. This text can be changed in the task. 0.1. Click on “Continue” button and select the Logical System 0.1. Click on “Continue” button and end of the step will generate the task as shown below:   0.1. Plug the generated task into the workflow and do the Data Binding/Agent assignment. If you would like, you can customize the work item text with dynamic variable. 0.1. The data binding between the workflow & generated web task looks as shown below: 0.1. Here is the overview of workflow which is used in this example:   0.1. We’re in the final step of the development & configuration. Here is the BSP application which will be called from SAP Inbox.    We’ll be re-using the BSP application *YMY_LEAVE *from part-I to submit the leave*. *I created the BSP Application YDECISON/Decision.htm with below Layout/Page attribute/event handling code:


*Layout:** OnInputProcessing:*


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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      This blog is great to start for integrating BSP application with Business Workplace.

      Can the same approach be used to call ABAP Webdynpro application from Business Workplace?

      I was trying to follow the steps mentioned in the blog. In the business workplace when I trigger the work item, a web window opens however once I enter my logon info it says page not found.
      The link it is calling is as below

      I have replaced some characters by %$%.


      Is there something I am missing?

      Author's profile photo Raja Thangamani
      Raja Thangamani
      Blog Post Author
      Thanks...Ofcourse you can use this option to call WDA. Also you can try UWL option as well..

      Make sure the URL is correct...