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What type of Order Management is available within SAP CRM Partner Channel Management?

SAP CRM offers Partner Channel Management functionality and within this product offering there are 3 order management scenarios that are available out of the box.  This blog will provide an overview of these order management scenarios.


Business to Business (B2B) – The partner places orders directly to the brand owner to replenish the partner’s stock of the brand owner’s product.


Business on-behalf (BOB) – The partner places an order for a customer directly to the brand owner.  Here the delivery of the goods can go to the partner or to the end customer directly.  This scenario enables partners to act as the brand owner’s external sales force.




Collaborative Selling – An end customer places an order, selects which partner will fulfill the order for the brand owner.  The collaborative showroom enables channel partners with an attractive e-commerce platform to sell to end customers.




The strength of the SAP PCM order management scenarios are built on the SAP CRM e-commerce functionality, which offers depth of functionality.


For those of you who are registered customers or partners and would like more information please use the following links.

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  • Nice blog, Terri – thanks for posting this.
    I have a few quick questions.

    1. Since we are in PCM space, I assume partner logs on to Brand owner’s CRM system to order. Will ACE work in this scenario?

    2. Instead of logging on, can partner initiate B2B scenario via say EDI, and then start from the part in the loop where he gets email notifications?

    3. Will PCM sales scenarios eventually apply to ECC orders that just have a CRM webclient front end?

    • Hi Vijay,

      Sorry for the delayed response.

      1. Both ACE and PFCG roles are used in determining the data that is visible to the partner.

      2. If using an EDI (which is not something SAP offers out of the box, this is a implementation), if the order is changed in the web channel UI then the order will be out of sync with the original system. But generally the answer is yes to your question.

      3. This is a scenario that is on a future roadmap, today we offer the ability to create a CRM sales order which is then transferred to SAP ECC for further processing.  However, currently this is not available within the PCM scenario, but it is available within the standard E-Commerce scenario offered within SAP CRM Web Channel.