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What is in Enhancement Package 4 for HCM

With Enhancement Package 4 (EhP 4), we have delivered a lot of new or enhanced functionality / process support.

The main development area for EhP 4 was the Talent Management area, where we delivered new UI’s (user interface), enhanced process support, better usability and also some new functionality. In Performance Management we listened to our customers and not-yet customers and introduced a new easy to adopt UI for the existing Performance Management customers, which can be easily put on top of the existing configuration. In addition we added the “cascading goal” functionality, something our customers looked for since quite some time. But also a complete new “pre-configured” process / UI template is available for Performance Management, which more or less enables customers to implement Performance Management in record time.
Other areas in Talent Management where we did major investments are a complete redesigned Recruiter UI, with usability enhancements and process improvements par excellence. The newly introduced Talent Review Meeting or the tighter integration of partner software into the process flows in Succession Management are only a few other topics we invested in for EhP 4, and .. and.. and…

Also in the other fields of the SAP ERP HCM offering we invested. The HCM Processes & Forms also support now mass processing and the usage of PD-Objects (Org. Management), and many other things which make your day to day processes easier and faster to consume.

All in all EhP 4 has many new things available for you to consider, just take a look at the detailed blogs, of what is coming in detail per functional & process area.

Enjoy your day and EhP4,

Warm regards


PS: For all who are a little bit confused with the naming, ERP 6.0 EhP 4 is part of the SAP Business Suite 7.0 (in case you were not sure)  

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