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ZOA – First release of ABAP source code

ZOA is an open-source integration framework for SAP NetWeaver which I have been creating and blogging about for several weeks now. It is intended as a simple, consistent alternative for applications that are not suitable for existing BAPIs, or for bespoke development. 

The motto at Google Code is “release early, release often”.  There is no doubt that this ZOA release is very early.  It is intended to illustrate the potential of the framework and to reflect the principles I have been blogging about.

You will find the ZOA ABAP source in the Goole Code page.  You will need SAPLink to upload the source.

The source implements the ZOA superclass, and a single feature – Travel Agency.  The class methods allow you to search for travel agency data, read details, change it and perform various metadata enquiries.

There is also a travel agency function group to expose services for reading travel agency data.  These illustrate the abstraction between classes and function interfaces, and are suitable for integration to SharePoint BDC (the subject of another blog very soon).

If you are interested in more information about ZOA, or would like to be involved in the development project, please go to the ZOA Wiki page

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  • excellent!, I understand complexity of BAPI public interface and I know where you project wants to go, honestly ZOA project is a good seed.
    I would to see one SAP voice saying what the community can do as open source above a SAP Netweaver platform, I do not why anybody say it, please SAP …response !!!!!
  • Great stuff Peter,

    how about you propose a session on ZOA at SAP Community Day Australia? I am sure there would be people interested in this.

    Graham Robbo