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What can be done with Enterprise Architecture



In my own opinion  enterprise architecture is not just a high level strategic planning of the  enterprise ( well lets face it, the IT in the enterprise). I see enterprise  architecture as a proven, consistent and reusable way of doing IT task that we  are already doing any way for years. Yes, it’s also serves us for high level  planning, but it also (and most of the time) serves us for our daily tactical IT  tasks. It goes without saying that enterprise architecture also accompany not  just the decision making, but also the actual work that will be taken to make  those decision a reality.


In order to do  enterprise architecture work in more consistence way, I tend to collect all the existing assets of my  organization and the relations between them. The collection work comes hand in  hand with modeling work which depict what has been  collected and the insight that we manage  to gain. We collect data from business, Information, Applications and technology  domains of the enterprise. In order to do enterprise architecture work reusable,  I’m using an EA tools (No matter which one of them as long it comes with a  repository).


Collection and  modeling is a tedious step but it’s crucial for success. I address it several  times before, but I’ll say it again: it actually create a unique knowledge which  makes my a subject matter expert in the enterprise. The collected and modeled  data enable us to massage and analyze collected data, yielding new insights that  will help us in our daily tasks.


The question is,  what are the tasks that EA can help us to do better? I tend to split those tasks  to four main domains:

  • IT planning. This  domain contains any planning such as creation  of 5 years IT road maps  ( align IT to  business), dealing with BCP (business continuity planning) and DRP (Disaster  recovery planning), planning for M&A ( Merge and acquisitions)  , Adopting new technology such as cloud  computing ,integrating new technology, etc’
  • IT cost reduction. This domain is  focused on how to reduce IT costs by elimination of duplicate IT assets,  adoption of new technologies/architectures, finding redundant IT assets, halting  cost demand projects with less business contribution then other projects, retire  high cost technologies, reduce IT complexity, etc’
  • Increase Compliance. This domain  is all about increasing compliance by taking advantage of what IT has to offer.  Whenever it’s technology, architecture or simply a principle or a blueprint that will guide or directly increase compliance.
  • IT optimization. In this domain we  are using enterprise architecture to increase up time of IT services and reduce  the  duration of time for analyzing,  designing and developing new IT solutions. Usually most of the work in this  domain is based on the relations that was collected and  modeled.

For each one of  those domains I manage to prove to myself and others that using enterprise  architecture we manage to do our work much more accurate and much more  faster  (thanks to reusing) .  In the next posts I’ll share how exactly I’m  using EA to do each one of the described tasks.

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