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SAP Education Virtual Learning Symposium 2009 – My thoughts

Ok…I must confess that I love virtual environments, because they let us connect to the world by sitting in
front of our computer by say in our home, work or WiFi stop.

I have attended many SAP Mentors Webinars, but yesterday I got my first chance to attend an SAP Virtual
Symposium. Did I like it? I love it!

It started at 9:00 p.m (Local peruvian time / GMT-5) and lasted till 5:00 p.m (Local peruvian time / GMT-5).

The main welcome screen was pretty nice as you can see here:


Allowing us to browse different scenarios.

First thing I do, was attend the Networking Lounge. A place to meet new friends, and exchange knowledge.
I was really very glad to find a lot of people from Latin American countries (Perú, Venezuela, México, Colombia).


You can see my Avatar (Second one).

Then I moved to the Keynote Theatre, we 3 presentations were given:

Maximizing the Value of Your Training Through Flexible
Delivery by Cushing Anderson (Program Vice President, Projct-Based Services, IDC)

Best Practices in Virtual Training and Learning by April Young (Dean, Value University,
Global Field Operations, SAP), Doug Weiss (Executive, Learning and Knowledge,
Global Delivery IBM Global Business Services) and Brian Launer (Employee Training & Career Solutions,
Global Training Manager, Intel Corporation)

Flexible Learning Strategies by Joe Westhuizen (Vice President Education, Global Strategy
and Business Development, SAP)







In the meantime, because there was a little 10 minutes break between sessions,
I sneak thought the booths. Hosted by SAP experts ready to solved all doubts related to Education
and Sustainability.



So I think that the images speak from theirselves…It’s was a huge and very interested event.

I enjoyed this event even more, because I’m highly interested in SAP Education.

Also…guess how I found mixed in the crowd?

Cory Coley-Christakos, Marilyn PrattMartin Gillet and Christine Godek.

Which of course, maked the event even better!

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  • Blag - Those screenshots really do prove that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Thanks for sharing these and for giving your views on the event.  (I heard that hundreds of people signed-up for this!) 

    Everyone who likes virtual environments as much as Blag does, please note: look for Sapphire to have a virtual environment for keynotes, etc. ... and we're thinking about some of this for TechEd too... it's not as good as being there, but it's better than missing it altogether or just reviewing powerpoints/recordings. 

    Mark Yolton

    • Mark:

      Thanks a lot for your comments -:)

      Sapphire, TechEd? With virtual environments? That would be awesome and absolutely great news for everyone who's not going to be able to make it this year!


  • Webcam?  Nice look at some event pix.  Gives folks some "feel" for the way the day looked.

    My take-aways: There is a demand for more language specific multi-media contents.  Large portion of attendees speaking Spanish.  Meet the expert corner would be helpful (or did I miss that?).  Meet the authors/trainers (curriculum creators perhaps?).  Better coffee in the networking lounge (only kidding).  I did see quite a number of folks hanging out there, including you Blag :-).  It was an interesting way of engaging with folks on a knowledge quest.  Kudos to Cory Coley-Christakos for inviting us.

    • Webcam? No...Just PrintScreen keyboard button, MSPaint and a lot of patience...I took like 23 screen shoots -;)

      Meet the experts corner? Well...We had experts in each booth, but maybe a Meet the experts booth would be better -:)


  • Hi Blag,

    Thanks for taking the time to share your experience at this event.  The screen shots are awesome!  It was fun to chat with you there...  I'll see if we can get some virtual coffee for the next one 😉


    • Cory!

      Thanks you for inviting me -:) And sure, virtual coffee would be really nice -;)

      BTW...Didn't won the $100...Someone beat me with 690 points...I could only get 500...Next time -:D


  • Blag - could not catch you in the Virtual Symposium. I am used to this Virtual Symposium twice now in IBM but this is the first time outside IBM. Would have been great to catch you and others but I could log in briefly.
    See you next time surely.