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Sustainability is a responsibility

Sustainability as a responsibility

How would a law be regarded if not enforced? Nobody would really pay attention to it. If we as individuals are responsible towards Sustainability, we can get there faster. Companies would fail to sell green products, think lean if people are unable to adopt and accept Green as a culture.

Software to help

Software (Enterprise, Web 2.0, etc) can be leveraged to change the culture we live in today. If all levels, starting from a foreman to a CEO commit to being Green, it will only help the enterprise be more sustainable.

For e.g: A large logistic provider has many drivers on the road, the driver has to be held accountable. Similarly the organization needs to be responsible for the overall levels.

As a sample scenario,

1. we can pull assignments for a driver and give him options on a hand-held.

2. He selects his task

3. System picks up start and End Point, calculates the best route maps, in terms of time, cost and also a Green Factor.

4. If a driver does not choose the Green Route, then a violation needs to raised

5. Corporate can track these violations and take the right measure.

Another example would be a RFQ for a part. We could check with Trade Restrictions,
Supplier Compliance, Product Compliance. We could also check for material used, labor laws followed etc.

Each manufacturer needs to have a Green Plant, and not just a Perfect Plant. A Perfect plant (Lean production), with People, Health and Safety, and Energy Management is a step towards Green Plant and we wont see disasters,

Web 2.0 in Green Software

We are losing on time to fight the green battle. Our climate is depleting faster  than we think. We need to leverage all the resources around us and go after this problem.

One ways is to leverage the vast amount of resources on Web. We have seen the impact that social media has on our lives already. We need to embed the Green aspects into our daily activities.

In the above example of the driver, the Green Route can be compiled out of Google maps and the CO2 emissions can be calculated using a Carbon Footprint agency.

Software can be an enabler, but we need to use software to change the way we live also.

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