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My 30 secs (and more)….

First things first… The Video 🙂

You and your 30 seconds! did it… and so have Dennis, Blag, Jim and Thorsten… Have you ?

If not, what are you waiting for ? It just takes 30 seconds to record a video and make yourself known to the community. Use your webcam, Cell phone camera or your digicam and introduce yourself to the community. We would love to know more about you 🙂


My 30 Secs video : Some Facts
  • The length is actually a little more than a minute…  
  • The fact about me losing my wallet is true… I did it a week back 😀
  • My wife was playing Resistance : Retribution on MY PSP 🙁
  • I haven’t shaved because I am too lazy 🙁
  • And I did get dinner that night 🙂
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  • Is this what you do in theater? your out-ro sounded like dhowlett 30-sec on moi. need an excuse not to put together 30-sec video – let me try with my digicam over the weekend.