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Excuse me…Can I have 30+ seconds of your time?

Our beloved Craig Cmehil wrote a blog called You and your 30 seconds! Asking us to produce a 30+ seconds video with us talking about ourselves.


Why I think this is important?


1.- It’s always fun to shoot a video.

2.- It’s nice to about yourself -;)

3.- Actually…You’re promoting yourself and helping to gain more visibility.

4.- You’re doing for a good cause


So why don’t you pick you cam recorder, webcam, camera or whateever and tell us who you are -:)


Be sure to check out the WIKI! More cool videos in the making -;)

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  • Blag is absolutely correct, it’s loads of fun. I used it as an excuse to win my colleague Tobias Trapp for a completely silly and asinine activity, which is the kind of thing we usually do separately.
  • Thorsten and Silvio:

    Thnks for watching my “This is who I am” video -:) I really hope more people jump in a shoot their videos…I just took 30 of more and definitely worth the time -;D


    • Hi Blag,
      After having so much fun with the first video (you see where this is going!) and enjoying the videos of fellow SCNers so much (@pixelbase’s one had me laughing out lout), I’m looking for excuses to make another one.
      So far I’ve come up with
      – movie-length production (unlikely unless Mark Finnern funds it ;-))
      – director’s cut – already got @jonerp thinking about it
      – making of – it would be fun to obviously fake some take-outs
      – something collaboratively weird – I hope TechEd 09 in Vienna will offer an opportunity to do this.
      To think that there are 1,599,995 or so people who still have a chance to make their first video and aren’t at it – incomprehensible. 🙂