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Technology and Hobbies

A small Friday evening diversion: find the beer maker, the fisherman, the skier and the cartoonist.

Vinnie Mirchandani’s Deal Architect blog is usually addressing disruptive trends and economics in technology. But in a recent post Vinnie highlights hobbies in Technology including some of those of our own community members.

A quick search turned up some of our own SCN members and friends.  Among the 40+ subjects you can find a cartoonist/SAP mentor, a fisherman, a skier and a brew master, all SCNers or contributors engaged in their hobbies, speaking of the impact technology has had on them.

Vinnie invites further participation from our community as well so if you have a hobby, technology enhanced that isn’t part of his growing list of 44, feel free to engage.

In fact this is also an opportunity to plug updating our own wiki profiles with interesting fun facts.

Some folks have done that very nicely already.  Or have neatly hidden theirs’ in their favorite’s links, such as Stephen Johannes has done here.

Reminds me, I should update my boring profile….

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  • Marilyn,  here’s my post to Vinnie’s blog… What a great idea! 

    Technology and Hobby – I am an SAP workflow person and also an avid sailor for many years. From using the stars (which I never mastered) to compass and chart, to LORAN, to GPS – technology has changed the face of sailing. It used to be that only those skilled in the arts of navigation would wander out of sight of shore; now, everyone with the time or the wherewithal can captain their own boat (although, I would be remiss if I did not suggest taking boating safety courses first!). How does this fit in with my worklife, developing workflows to automate business processes for improved speed, accuracy, and efficiency ? I suppose that workflow is like GPS – with a GPS we can track closely to our destination, make course corrections in a more timely manner, if necessary, and spend more time enjoying the journey.

    • No reason not to “borrow” from Vinnie’s good idea.  Many have filled in such content in their Wiki profiles, but creating a wiki page for community technology-enhanced hobbies is an open invitation.  Great to learn about yours in more detail Sue.  Please do continue there the fascinating correlation between Workflow and GPS.  That’s quite an interesting idea and one worth developing (wiki, blog post).  Thanks
  • Marilyn,

    In my other, non-SAP-related life, I enjoy singing, and YouTube has become a fun part of my process for learning new works. Once I have spent enough time at the piano to have the general gist of the notes, I can screen videos until I find one suitable for a practice-session sing-along. Anyone who thinks that YouTube is just for popular music might be in for a surprise; there are videos and recordings of opera luminaries past and present, and choral performances of all kinds. It is especialy helpful when learning new choral works to hear how all the parts come together. Next month I will be singing with the first sopranos, as I usually do, in the end of semester concert of a nearby 2-year college, when my husband conducts Haydn’s Missa Brevis. I am already confident that I will be well prepared when I arrive at the on-stage rehearsal with the chamber orchestra, thanks to practicing at home with YouTube.


    • Wow.  Now take yourself quick to Craig’s last post about video submissions.  We would love to hear you and you can do this using a webcam.  See example from The specified item was not found. here. Or read Craig’s challenge You and your 30 seconds!.  We’d love to hear your musical voice 🙂
      • I really did have every intention of doing a music video for Craig. However, the microphone on my digital camera produces a recording of such poor sound quality, I could scarely stand to listen to it myself, and I would not dream of inflicting it on anyone else! I will have to ask my in-house sound engineer/ husband to help me produce a higher quality audio recording. In the mean time I will plan to demo singing along with YouTube for you in Orlando 🙂


  • Marilyn,

    I almost did not see this blog, as I was off on Friday.  Thanks for the link and I’m glad I made a better picture choice on my profile.

    Now if you saw the license plates on my car, I combine both my technology + non-tech hobbies all at once! 

    Take care,


    • Don’t leave us in suspense.  Or is it related somehow to the Cardinals.  I couldn’t a picture of your license plate nor in your wiki profile nor in your personal blog.  So you’ll either have to update the profile or spill the beans here. 🙂