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SAP Mentor Webinar: Introduction to Blue Ruby Replay

SAP Research is running a really cool project called Blue Ruby, where they enable Ruby to run within the ABAP Virtual Machine. It makes it possible to program and run Ruby within your ABAP environment, no extra high availability server is needed. This is the recording of the introduction that 4 of the Blue Ruby team members gave to the SAP Mentors. 


You can make yourself familiar with Blue Ruby and SAP at the following links:


Overview (From the Wiki)
The Blue Ruby project is about creating an enterprise-ready dynamic language environment for the programming language Ruby [1] that runs inside the ABAP Virtual Machine. It combines the “best of both worlds” – lightweight, loosely-coupled, agile programming via Ruby, executed within the robust, proven SAP Web Application Server for ABAP. In many ways, Blue Ruby makes the simple things simple and the complex things possible.
Rather than just running Ruby programs isolated on the ABAP server, Blue Ruby also provides two-way integration with the surrounding ABAP environment – ABAP programs can invoke Ruby code easily and Ruby programs are able to access existing ABAP functionality. However, this integration is strictly controlled by the Blue Ruby VM, turning Blue Ruby into a sandbox inside the ABAP server.

Blue Ruby is an exploratory research project from SAP Labs Palo Alto and Shanghai.


Enjoy the Replay of the Blue Ruby SAP Mentor Webinar
You may want to jump to minute 2:55 if you don’t want to listen to a bad adaptation of Ruby Tuesday (sorry Keith) On the other hand you may want to check it out, I totally botched the Blue Ruby (Tuesday) song at the beginning and want to apologize to Keith Richards 😉

Watching it, I got red ears from it being so bad, but at the end I also had tears in my eyes, because it is just so funny. The poor Blue Ruby team didn’t know what they got themselves into. We had a phone conference before we met face to face for the first time 15 minutes before the show. The mixture of surprise, disbelieve, amusement and horror on their faces and in their gestures is just unintentional comedy greatness.

Thanks Blue Ruby Team for being a good sport.

  Important: If you like to know more, please join us at the SAP Inside Track in Palo Alto May 29th where Juergen is giving the following session: Blue Ruby – an exploratory Ruby VM in ABAP Learn how to run Ruby code on the ABAP Application Server and how to get involved in the Blue Ruby research project.    

Bio of the presenters:

Juergen Schmerder

Juergen Schmerder has been managing the Blue Ruby project in the Platform Research team of SAP Research Americas since December 2007. From 1999 to 2007, Juergen successively worked as a developer, architect and solution manager in various groups of SAP AG in Walldorf,  Germany.

Daniel Vocke

Daniel Vocke has been a developer for the Blue Ruby project in the Platform Research team of SAP Research Americas since 2007. He is responsible for the Blue Ruby virtual machine definition and implementation. Daniel joined SAP in 2005. In his first project, MOIN, he implemented an event framework and a “declarative debugger” for the Object Constraint Language. Daniel is a software engineer by education. His background is with programming languages and meta-modeling.

Murray Spork

Murray Spork has been managing various projects in the Platform Research team of SAP Research Americas. These projects ranged from areas such as Model-driven engineering and Semantic Web technologies. Late in 2007 he and another colleague had the crazy idea to build a Ruby VM in the ABAP stack. This resulted in the Blue Ruby project that Murray managed until December 2007 after what he moved on to lead other projects for SAP Research Americas. Murray has a varied background in business and IT. He started his working life as an accountant and through a circuitous route ended up an aspiring geek. In 2003 he joined SAP Research, first in Australia and then in Americas, and has worked mainly at the interface between product development and research. As a self professed “lazy programmer”, he would like to strike the clarion call for like-minded developers throughout the SAP universe: a new dawn awaits!

 Anne Hardy

Anne Hardy manages Platform Research for SAP Research Americas. Blue Ruby is one project of the Platform Research team. From July 2003 to December 2006 she managed SAP Research Center Sophia Antipolis, France. Prior to joining SAP in 2003, Anne Hardy was an associate partner for Sophia Euro Lab, a seed investment fund based in Sophia Antipolis, France. Before that she spent many years successively in product development, strategic research, advanced technology investments with Nortel Networks in Santa Clara, California,  USA, where she successively held development and management positions. She holds an engineering degree from the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications, Paris, France and a Master of Business Administration from EDHEC, Nice, France.

I know you all want to sing and play the Welcome Blue Ruby song yourself 😉

Here are the lyrics and the chords:

Welcome Blue Ruby

Am        C       F         G        C
They will tell us now where it came from
Am     c        F       C            G
Yesterday don’t matter now that it’s done
Am        D7     G      Am        D7      G
Now the sun is bright, gone are the darkest nights
           C               G
For ABAP code it comes and goes

C   G   C      
Welcome blue ruby
                G          C
Bring us to the 21st century
C         G          Bb    F
Enterprise-ready dynamic language
G                    C    G
inside the ABAP Virtual Machine
C   G   C      
Welcome blue ruby
                      G             C
lightweight, loosely-coupled, agile programming
C          G          Bb    F
within the SAP Web Application Server
G                   C G
Please don’t let us down.

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