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Are you the next Top Contributor?

Yesterday I asked if you had You and your 30 seconds! to spare, today I’m going to tell you one of the reason you WANT to do this! However, before I do that I want to send a big thank you out to Etay Gafni who graciously You and your 30 seconds! yesterday to let everyone know that Veodia has expanded and now everyone can use it to create their video clips now, as well as embed those into the blogs as I did. You couldn’t ask for an easier platform to use in my opinion!

But what you can ask is why do I want to do this? Well, for starters the SCN team is on the lookout for a new batch of “Community Influencers 2008” for 2009. We’ve several changes to our Top Contributor program, recogition program and other things underway this year and we need and value the input of the community but it’s not always pratcial to ask 1.6 million people all at once. We look to those “influencers” as our gateway to the broader community – so are you that person?

Right now we spend quite a bit of time The heat is on and Craig has to pay up! and watching the who is who at the SAP Inside Track as well as speaking to our mdoerators and browsing the blog, forums, wikis and articles. We are looking for you, and we are not empty handed so help us by helping yourself become more recognized!

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