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For a Day or two this Headline will be Part of the Mentor Widget on the BPX Home Page

For a day or two this headline will be part of the Mentor widget on the BPX home page.

As long as no three other SAP Mentors writing about BPX are coming out with newer posts. In that case the BPX home page glory for this headline will be short lived.

Until recently the SAP Mentor blog posts on the front page of BPX where hand selected every week. That is always a bit outdated, as it highlights the best posts from a week ago.

This week we are testing out our new Newsgator widget, which automatically updates the last three posts in real time from all the most recent blog posts.


We just select the feeds from SAP Mentors that usually have BPX or community as a topic. Some may wonder, whether my posts are correctly categorized 😉 I am up for that debate. 


In addition, you can also use that widget on your own site. There is a link at the bottom of the widget that tells you how.

CRM Widget on BPX home pageEven more interesting are the widgets that you can find if you scroll further down the page.


Example: Customer Relationship Management They not only include all the CRM  blog posts, but also the latest CRM articles and one or two forum posts that had been really active in the CRM forums.

Therefore you get all the newest CRM information in one compact space. As with the SAP Mentor widget you can pull any of these widgets on to your own blog or your Google home page.


Let us know how you like it. If successful, we will extend these widgets to the rest of the site.

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  • Hi Mark,

    Really a useful widget..
    Already there are few gadgets in IGoogle for SCN and good that SCN is going to have its own widgets…. [ I have one such gadget to launch SAP PI tools from iGoogle… 🙂 ]

    Looking forward to see widgets for other SCN category as well…..