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Another face of Export/Import Repository Schema

Today, Business demands complex Validation and Assignment expressions to achieve certain requirements. For example, consider the requirement in which particular material is to send for the approval to the particular approval based on material group. This can be achieved using MDM Workflows and Validation expressions (in the Branch Step) to redirect the control to respective approver. Here the number of approvers and material type decides the complexity of Validation expressions. When repository is been loaded, it processes Validations and Assignments table along with other tables present in the repository. There may be the case when the complexity of the expressions is too high that MDM not able to process the Validations and Assignments table, in such situation the repository cannot be loaded and hence the situation arrives where it is required to delete the expressions which would not be possible because one cannot login into the Data Manager to perform the desired action. 

This can be achieved using Export/Import repository Schema commands. Following steps will explain the procedure: 

  1. Create new repository from the Schema of existing one. For this either you can Export the schema of existing repository and create the new repository using Create Repository from Schema command or you can use Archive/UnArchive repository commands with schema only option or Duplicate Repository command with Schema only option.
  2. Along with repository structure, this new repository will contain Validation and Assignment expressions as well. Load this newly created repository and delete the expressions of complex validations or assignments.
  3. Export the repository schema using Export Repository Schema command and give the name for schema migration file (e.g. Test.xml).
  4. Now, right click on the main repository which contains complex expressions and select Import Repository Schema command which ask for .xml file, select the xml file exported earlier. This will display the comparison chart of both the repositories and you can select the modifications to be adapted to existing repository.
  5. Select Modify for the complex Validations and Assignments, this will update the existing expressions of the selected validations and assignments without login into the Data Manager.
  6. Load the main repository.

With this out of the box solution, you can delete the existing expressions (without loosing repository data) which prevent the repository being loaded.

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